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Bisq v1.3.9 is out!

Lots of new items in this release. See selected updates below (or release notes for full rundown).


Release Notes:

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We acquired 21,454 BTC via 78,388 off-chain transactions, then secured it in cold storage with 18 on-chain transactions. scales just fine as a store of value.

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ok thinking about organising a small scale bitcoin reunion in EU (in a green zone, no quarantine on the way back) - renting a huge house or some all-inclusive club/hotel - register interest by liking tweet - please RT cc: @giacomozucco @adam3us @MrKukks @OlUkolova

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #115 is here:

- recommends checking for nodes vulnerable to the InvDoS attack
- describes the InvDoS attack
- summarizes "Stealing onchain fees from LN HTLC" attack
- links to announcement of the Crypto Open Patent Alliance


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I sat down with @joerogan to talk about all the things that can and cannot be said -- and who decides them. From mass surveillance and my new book, Permanent Record, to deplatforming, police violence, and pardon, there's a lot here. youtube.com/watch?v=_Rl82OQDoO

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Happy to announce @MagicalBitcoin 🧙 and @bitcoindevkit projects have joined forces and together will be called “Bitcoin Dev Kit” (aka BDK). @MagicalBitcoin main libraries have been renamed and are the new code base for the @bitcoindevkit

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"[...] it successfully opened 106 channels in a single transaction." blockstream.info/testnet/nojs/
Channel opening cost reduced to 30%: 20,738 / 106 = 195 weight units instead of about 611. Also allows quickly opening many channels without reaching mempool limits. twitter.com/Blockstream/status

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Announcing the newest Faraday feature: Accounting for LND!

Node operators and businesses can now create accounting reports for their and Lightning transactions to keep track of their sats. 🔎

Start tracking sats with Faraday today:

I am :


Break it now with:
* no KYC
* no address reuse
* your own node
* coin control and labeling
* sweeping transactions
without change
* PayJoin/P2EP/Stowaway
* CoinJoins
* Submarine Swaps ⚡️<->⛓️

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On September 14, 2020, MicroStrategy completed its acquisition of 16,796 additional bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $175 million. To date, we have purchased a total of 38,250 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $425 million, inclusive of fees and expenses.

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Get this - there is a Bitcoin wallet with 69,000 Bitcoins ($693,207,618) that is being passed around between hackers/crackers for the past 2 years for the purpose of cracking the password, no success so far.

I have the wallet, @Google hook me up with a quantum computer please.

Core Full-Node + @COLDCARDwallet without security or privacy compromises is becoming much easier.

Check out what @_benkaufman cooked-up to make "new wallet creation" UX on @SpecterWallet Desktop (coming 0.8.0 release).

Download Spectr ==> specter.solutions

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want to run a node with tor v3 service? build this PR and launch bitcoind...i'm running this right now. atm there are at least two tor v3 nodes on the network. github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

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Not your (cesium) atoms, not your time.

Not your time, not your full node.

This is why you can (probably) verify the bitcoin rules with a sundial.

(Has anyone tried to run a full node with a sundial for its time yet?)

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For some added context.

One of the great features of Electrum Wallet is you can connect your hardware wallet to it. However, to use Electrum Wallet with your own node, you need to install and configure some kind of Electrum Server with it.

Specter Desktop bypasses this. twitter.com/_k3tan/status/1302

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Once we have dual party signatures in Lightning for channel funding, it would be nice to redesign public channels to allow for a shadow mirror channel that is unadvertised.

That way you can manipulate liquidity with the shadow channel without revealing its ownership so globally.

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Among other changes, this update brings the "Automated BIP39 recovery" by @lukechilds (who also made this demo video). Great work! 🎉 twitter.com/ElectrumWallet/sta

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I just published 'Creating a buy offer on @hodlhodl'.

Since the launch of nokyconly.com last week there has been a lot of chatter about P2P premiums. In this article I walk you through the steps to create your own buy offer, on your own terms.


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