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v0.7.0 is released

* new, automatically generated SDcard image for the RPi4&3
* connect @FullyNoded with a QRcode to the @joinmarket API
* add custom labels to addresses

H/t @deverickapollo for kicking off the CI action
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v0.6.8 is released with @joinmarket v0.9.6 installed as defa…

With mixed networks it is less of a privacy problem, but wonder if I can set Bitcoin Core to not broadcast my transactions over clearnet peers even if there are some connected?
trying to pick your brain @jonatack @murchandamus

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A controversial post because of:
- I was pushing Tor-only also to help privacy and avoid questions re NAT traversal
- should have pivoted earlier

See this issue to discuss hybrid mode (clearnet, I2P and Tor) for Bitcoin Core on home nodes by default:

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Go to El Salvador 🇸🇻 and establish a data center.
Provide VPS, VMs or dedicated servers. Many companies are in demand for hosting services with an IP address in a Bitcoin friendly jurisdiction.

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The power of valves for better flow control, improved reliability & lower expected payment failure rates on the Lightning Network

By @renepickhardt

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I have now started a small blog. There I wrote as promised a tutorial how you can install Fullnode @RaspiBlitz virtualized on . If you have any feedback, please let me know. The migration guide will follow in the next time.

Thinking of running the and Lightning node package in a VM using Proxmox?
This guide got you covered:
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@BenGWeeks @openoms @RaspiBlitz There you go 🫡

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We finally got a public signet @fedimint instance at! 🎉🎉🎉

Thanks to @_JustinMoon_, jkitman, @dpc_pw, @kodylow, Maan2003, Nico and all our other amazing contributors that got us this far!

How to test it out? See the 🧵 below:

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for the nerds out there, here is how to get the 3 cashapp nodes from lnd:

lncli describegraph | jq '.nodes[] | select((.alias == "") and (.features != {})) | .pub_key'

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Let's see how many ppl notice 🤭 (re: @BTCBeachWallet 💵)

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If you run a clearnet lightning node, where is it running?

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New minor release of Joinmarket - specifically need to upgrade only for use of the RPC-API, so only really for JAM.

#bitcoin #joinmarket

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Hey Honeybadgers,

All videos from the Sats stage are already available on @bitcoinTV

References to the past should be in Block Time
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Just pushed v1.1 of

-> Estimatied blockheights for block before Genesis
-> Indexed all blocks to current tip
-> Added version number

Upcoming changes:
-> UI/Alignment fixes
-> Automatically add new blocks to index
-> Timezones

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@giacomozucco @wtogami @callebtc @silentlink1 People that will flash their Pixel with GrapheneOS (or any other Google-free ROM): Turn on eSIM support with the original firmware *before* flashing the new ROM. That will allow you to not having to install Google services after that

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Fun little ecash project (non-federated) that implements Wagner's blind Diffie-Hellman protocol from '96.

Nice work, @callebtc!



First you get a great explanation on Taro (not leaving out a link to a similar project: RGB )

Then a proposed example of a process for trading assets on LN:

It is all coming together.
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Earlier this year, @lightning Labs announced Taro, a new protocol to issue digital assets on the

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