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The v0.5.0 release of comes with:
* JoinMarket v0.8.3
* a prebuilt SDcard release:
* option to run a pruned node just with an RPi4 and SDcard
* more hardening options
* another new contributor: @nyxnor
* a Free Open Source MIT Licence

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The v0.3.1 is released with a new SDcard image:

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From my local orderbookwatcher this morning:

> 6 fidelity bonds found with 13.99603543 BTC total locked up

Well that escalated quickly (one day after the release).

(Sometimes you forget that there are users out there for whom 10 bitcoins is something you can lose down the side of the sofa)


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Check your IP2Tor subscriptions on the RaspiBlitz if you have any ... we are changing servers - you might to cancel the old subscription and make a new one.

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New release of Joinmarket.

Includes use of fidelity bonds (think: timelocked outputs acting as "skin in the game" to prevent Sybil attacks):

Release notes give the necessary details as usual.

#bitcoin #joinmarket #coinjoin

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New paper with a survey of privacy ("mixing"; not the best term, but oh well) techniques used in Bitcoin, it looks at first glance to be worth some reading. Includes a lot of lesser known techniques. In particular, includes several that were never really implemented (including stuff on my blog like CoinjoinXT), so in that sense it's unusually thorough.

#bitcoin #coinjoin #privacy

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Receive SMS activation codes and pay with Lightning

COLDCARD Firmware 4.1.2🍄⏫

-QR for BIP-85; @opennoms idea. 12/18/24 words, XPRV, private key & even hex
-QR in other places; XPUB, Seed, TXID, backup pw
-Smaller signatures. @craigraw for detecting this
-Seed XOR feature bugfix
-Red light bugfix

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #159 is here:

- includes questions & answers from the Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: learn taproot by using it (Optech Workshop)
- announces Rust Bitcoin 0.27.0, C-Lightning 0.10.1rc1

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Commando II: WebSockets!

This PR adds `experimental-websocket` which lets you speak websocket on your lightning port. This allows more clients to speak to you, including going commando!

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This is the Greatest Plugin I have ever written.

It's called commando, and it lets your (authorized) peers send you commands.

Reckless? Try going commando!

@openoms @shesek I know you'll love this. Or hate this. Or both!

node types, do you know which you are using?
#1 is for the fully paranoid
#2 is Bitcoin Core default and most node packages
#5 is using
#6 is optional in LND, similar in Breez and Wasabi
#7 are most self-custodial mobile wallets
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@murchandamus @RainDogDance A non-pruned, self-validated full node with assumevalid=0 is 👑
> non-pruned, self-validated full node with assumevalid active…

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #158 is here:

- describes changes to services/client software
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: why wallets should wait before generating taproot addresses
- LND 0.13.1-beta, Rust-Lightning 0.0.99, Eclair 0.6.1

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Some declared the dead and ban of BlueWallet yesterday.

Others took the code and made sure it keeps getting available.

Blue is now available from f-droid 👇

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is now merged. You can now run maker bots with fidelity bonds in Joinmarket (it's backwards compatible, so old bots just ignore the bonds). Read more at

Expect a 0.9.0 release shortly.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

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I'm creating a new non-profit metadata storage service:

It has a draft API and very experimental test server: feedback welcome, and you can follow along at @centurymetadata.

(In my copious free time! But this is *important*...)

The concern remains with :
to never route free (not even the 1 msat shards) the minimum feerate setting would be 1 000 000 ppm which is a 100% fee.
If it is not applied a payer with free CPU and and disk IO capacity would be incentivised to flood with msats.

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Watch the "msat" in the OP.
The "rounding down" only applies to the sub-millisat earnings. HTLC and routing fees are accounted in msats.
This means with at 100 ppm routing 9 sats (or 9999 msats) would be free.
At 1 ppm this would be 999 sats.

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