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Well done @moxie! This is monumental: Google rolling out end-to-end encrypted messages in Android using @signalapp protocol.

Story: theverge.com/2020/11/19/215744

Whitepaper: gstatic.com/messages/papers/me

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Just successfully jammed some of my lightning channels as demonstrative test with the help of @joostjgr.

While the test was fun, the potential impacts are quite serious. I hope @lightning prioritizes resistance to this inexpensive, yet impactful griefing attack.

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A thread on how taproot improves bitcoin privacy:

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Let it be your in the updated metal case looking for WiFi access or a beer needing to be cracked open we got you.
These multipurpose stainless steel keychains are now available in our shop for sats:
diynodes.com/product/lightning twitter.com/DIYnodes/status/13

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New release of #joinmarket switches to native segwit by default, including native segwit coinjoins ... makers and takers should migrate their funds into new wallets for cheaper fees and better integration with other wallets/features. You'll want to read the release notes on this one:



This came around after loads of testing work put in.
Thanks to the tireless @joinmarket devs now we can coinjoin cheaper in bech32 format!
See the native segwit upgrade guide for how and why to move over from the old wrapped segwit wallets: github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join
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Users of @joinmarket would you prefer to have a Bech32 (P2WPKH) offer book?
There was …

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In August we published a 📹 demonstrating LN offline payments with our LN 🍺 tap. Read now the details of the implementation based on @ln_zap and LND (@lightning) in our blogpost: puzzle.ch/de/blog/articles/202

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Worried about hardware wallet ban? Check this out!

Specter-DIY monster release!

- Secure bootloader for airgapped updates
- Smartcard (secure element) support
- SD card encrypted storage of secret support
- Additional user control over entropy generation twitter.com/stepansnigirev/sta

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New to ?

1)💩Avoid altcoins.
2)🕴️Avoid KYC purchases.
3)🧼CoinJoin before/after identity leaks.
4)💰Just DCA & HODL.
5)🤓Learn GPG & Tor.
6)☑️Learn how to run a full node.
8)⚡Learn how to use LN.
9)🗝️Learn good cold-storage.
10)👛Learn good coin-selection.


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Specter-DIY update with secure bootloader! A bit slow on first boot, but now you don't need to connect it to the computer ever again!

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@transliminalid @michael_saylor Lightning, Coinjoin, Coinswap, Sidechains (that can be more private). All of these things make what you can observe on chain not translate to what individual people are doing.

You see net settlements, not individual actions.

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🎉Announcing BTCPay Server v1.0.6.0 🚨

Experimental Plugin System⚒️, store setup improvements, unified QR for LN and on-chain, 🎨payment requests and pull payments re-designed from scratch, new invoice API, and more!


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Podfather @adamcurry is a visionary running @RaspiBlitz

What he's doing with @sphinx_chat is likely to revolutionise podcasting & more through decentralised, non-ad revenue dependent, content distribution.

Hear about it on latest @TFTC21 & @BitcoinAudible pods

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #125 is here:

- links to a website that tracks miner support for taproot activation
- announces a new organization funding Bitcoin research and development
- includes questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange


I'd rather stand strong together in the crowd with coinjoined, swapped and lightning'd sats than to be left out to be extorted and censored alone with a non-fungible, KYC'd and tracked stash.

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New episode with @rootzoll and @BitcoinQ_A now live.

Rootzoll is a prolific Berlin based Bitcoin Developer, who puts superhuman amounts of energy & talent into RaspiBlitz.com – a hugely respected Lightning & Full Node open source project.


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rC3 - the remote Chaos Communication Congress: Free Tickets and Merch now available --> events.ccc.de/2020/11/24/rc3-t

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