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The transcript of @rootzoll and @openoms at Potzblitz on the RaspiBlitz full node is up. Includes a section on JoininBox (Joinmarket support on the RaspiBlitz)

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New release of Joinmarket.
(REDRAFT: Small bug in 0.6.3 fixed so replacing with

Improvements and bugfixes as usual make upgrading recommended. Most notable is that next release will deprecate Py3.5 and earlier, read here for details:

Also a binary (static build) for Linux 64 bit that you can try is attached to the release. Verify signatures as usual please :)

#joinmarket #bitcoin

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Apparently btcpayserver is starting to randomize wallet fingerprints for improved privacy. This is pretty cool.

(I think there are more things they're randomizing but not sure of details).


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So BIP78 has been merged (no, don't ask me what that means!) and even has a test vector:

It's interesting how much debate there was about tiny subtleties of fee choice and restriction, and what each side checks - even the most trivial 2 party protocol can be hugely complex with interactivity.

#bitcoin #payjoin

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@[email protected]:

Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:

Instead of #gmail, I use #disroot ( with #k9 ( and #thunderbird ( as clients.
Instead of #google search, I use #searx (Searx instances), #duckduckgo (, and #startpage (
Searx instance has the most suggessive name. 😀
I recommend setting it as a default search engine on publicly used computers (at your school, work place, internet caffees, etc.) 😉
Instead of #youtube, I use #peertube ( and #invidious (Invidious Instances).
I also use #firefox #addon PeerTubeify to get redirected to peertube if a #video is available from there.
Instead of #googleplus, I use #diaspora (
Instead of #chrome, I use #icecat (Icecat), #firefox (Firefox), and #tor #browser (
Instead of #chromeos, I use #Parabola #GNU #linux-libre ( and #linuxmint (
Instead of google #calendar, I use #nextcloud / #owncloud calendar (
Instead of #googledrive, I use #nextcloud and #syncthing (
Instead of google forms, I use Framaforms.
It is only available in French, which unfortunately I don't speak, but that does not stop me from regularly using it. B-)
Instead of doodle, I use Framadate.
Instead of #android, I use #replicant OS ( on a Technoethical S3 phone.
#FSFE has a good website about liberating your device.
Instead of #googleplay, I use #F-Droid (
If you want to reach all apps from Google Play, I recommend #yalp store (YalpStore), but be warned that most of the apps there are not #free-software.
Instead of #googlemaps, I use #openstreetmap (
Instead of google street view, I use #mapillary (
For text #chat, I use #xmmp with my #disroot account, with pix-art messanger #fork of #conversations (Conversations) on mobile and gajim on desktop.
For video chat, I use #jitsi (
#Framasoft and #diroot offers plenty of other great services. See… and
Finally, I recommend you to spread/share your desire, successes and difficulties (both online and offline) of getting free from Google and #GAFAM ( #Google, #Apple, #Facebook, #Amazon, #Microsoft) in general.

What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why? #freesoftware #foss #floss #open-source #opensource #linux #gnu-linux #fdroid #technoethical #mobile #software #privacy #surveillance #freedom

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requirements, then your work is deeply unethical and you should stop.

This goes right back to the heart of "digital cash" projects. The entire point of money is that it should not have a memory. To whatever extent it does have a memory, it is less effective as money.
In fiat systems it's less egregious to perform these activities, because that "money" is much more just credit with the govt; if it gets stolen they just reverse it anyway.
With BTC applying the same rules is true dystopia.

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A podcast from Anita Posch
(Bitcoin and co) with Tim Akinbo (takinbo on IRC), a developer who works on Bitcoin stuff (he helped with Joinmarket install scripts for example, but he works on Core and other projects) in Nigeria. Worth a listen, for an African developer's perspective on this stuff:


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In this weekend's talk I got the offhand joke response "thanks for letting us know how to wash dirty money".
I've gotten this joke many times, even from serious Bitcoin developer types, on rare occasion.
I should be a little bit more serious in responding to in future, because it's really kind of an insult to me personally and a reflection of a deep and profound misunderstanding.
A person's life can be threatened by a failure of privacy. Not only political activists (1/2)

#bitcoin #joinmarket

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Yesterday as part of the Fulmo Lightning Hacksprint we had a really good presentation by @openoms on his JoinInBox project, I highly recommend checking it out as it represents a convenient encapsulation of Joinmarket functioning in a RaspiBlitz context (that project itself is rather awesome):

(extensive list of instructions and links there and some screenshots)

#bitcoin #joinmarket

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RT @Reckless_VR
Adam "waxwing" Gibson (@joinmarket contributor) joins @udiWertheimer for a discussion on #Bitcoin privacy. Are the privacy challenges technological or behavioral?

Join with or WITHOUT a VR headset!

🗓 Saturday June 20th, 6pm UTC/2pm ET/11am PT

Sign up:

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Tim Ruffing's London Bitcoin Devs presentation on Taproot and Schnorr Multisignatures is up:

Planning to demo the latest state of this terminal GUI for JoinMarket today 7pm Berlin time.
Will show with screenshare, aim to discuss and collect feedback.
If interested please join the Jitsi call at:
in about 2.5h from now.

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Making good progress with the Joininbox menu during the .

Can test on a or a separate standalone box to help the menu appear in the next SDcard release.

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RT @21isenough
Immensely excited to announce:
⚡️ ⚡️

The simplest and easiest guide on how to build your own #LightningATM 🔥

✅ 1.5h+ video tutorials
✅ Software & hardware details
✅ Additional written guides
✅ Wallet setup instructions
✅ Troubleshooting and more...

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@fiatjaf Following up on this after two weeks of use: Fraidycat is great! This is the way I want to follow everyone and everything going forward. One feature I've come to especially appreciate is being able to partition certain people into the Occasional or Sometimes categories---e.g. people who I generally like and want to keep track of but whose political opinions or other content annoys me if I have to see it too often.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

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@ErgoBTC @laurentmt @stephanlivera

Partly I mention it because there wasn't reference to the maker and taker's use of multiple accounts simultaneously, nor of the fact that non-change coinjoins are a thing.
And interesting to me is: exactly what only Joinmarket can give you - a large-amount coinjoin with no-change - is kind of the holy grail - but simultaneously it can be *the* weakspot as your "recall attack" so clearly shows - if anon set is small and precisely because of account isolation.

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@ErgoBTC @laurentmt

Any thoughts on the above ^ ?

Listened to the podcast with @stephanlivera , that was really good 👍

I think a lot of the analysis and discussion is very good, identification of weak spots and in particular 'toxic recall attack'. I find the argument that everything is based on unmixed change a lot less convincing. Just one simple example, but as of last year, tumbler in JM always starts with a sweep (=no-change) coinjoin from every mixdepth(=account) containing coins.(1/2)

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@waxwing @laurentmt @stephanlivera

Thank you for the feedback! I’m sure there are nuances here that I _unintentionally_ did not mention. I was unaware that the tumbler in JM always starts with a no-change coinjoin.

This is certainly a way of eliminating the initial long peel chains seen in this case study.

My reason for suggesting elimination of the change from the mix Tx itself, was to eliminate the attack in all situations including any unforeseen situations where the attack might apply.

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