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From today we are looking for people to help us beta test the next iteration of Pi-hole!
We have been quiet on the release front for a few months, but we have been busy working away on lots of new features to make Pi-hole an even better tool for your pi-hole.net/2020/01/19/announc

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The wait is over!

Zeus v0.2.0 is here with support for c-lightning, lnurl-pay, lnurl-withdraw, the ability to set and view your channel fees, and more.

Android APK
Developer Signature

Full Release Notes

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My @[email protected] Lightning Node looks great & runs great. Solid metal construction too, provides much better hardware protection. Awesome work by @[email protected] @[email protected] & @[email protected]


... and embed the wallet into the phone would be a substantial step up in work, and to not require an external jmdaemon, ie 100% on phone, even more (whole can of worms including Tor).

(jmdaemon was something i added in the rewrite in 2016/17; you can have the communications with peers entirely separated from the wallet, and the two talk to each over over TLS. At least one user actually does this)



There hasn't been too much discussion about this, but the first point is to narrow down exactly what functionality would be desired on mobile.
A while back someone (I think it was @meeDamian ?) added push notification functionality for coinjoins from makers; that would be basically trivial.
Then you could go further and have like a control panel for remote access on phone, and still have same basic joinmarket on home machine. To go even further (1/2)

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Multi-path Lightning payments allow you to use all your channels as a single spendable balance. Interestingly, you can also use multiple separate wallets to make a single payment as well. So it’s not just a single balance across all your channels, it’s a single universal balance.

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I really desire a @[email protected] phone app! I'm curious if there are android (for now) devs out there who would work on this if they would get paid from a community fund: let's create a multisig fund between Bitcoin friends where we and others can donate for such a project.

Start to use cash whenever possible.

Make it look normal, keep control.

All merchants pay a fee for electronic transactions, accepting cash is free.

Never tip with traceable fiat.

Drop the cards apart from withdrawing from random ATMs regularly.

Buy peer-to-peer.

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It's been 45k blocks since my last bank wire SEPA transfer.

18k blocks since I closed the bank account.

There is no need to beg for permission to do economic trade.

I choose to earn & hodl & spend .

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JoinMarket now accepts donations without address reuse: bitcoinprivacy.me/joinmarket-d

This open source project is decentralized and available to everyone for free, but therefore does not have a funding model. Be part of the effort to improve Bitcoin privacy and fungibility!

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Tamás Blummer, a developer since 2012 and founder of groundbreaking Bitcoin projects, reportedly passed away after a long fight with cancer.

RIP Tamás Blummer.

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Next in the "Know your Lightning Node via RTL"...

Let's cover the merchant dashboard on @[email protected]

Merchant dashboard is geared towards merchants operating lightning nodes providing them with relevant information:
- On/Off Chain balances
- In/Outbound liquidity
- Quick Pay/Recv.

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Confidential transactions are a game changer for privacy and for merchant fiat settlement with liquid tether. I'll be working on some tools this year for this(automated privacy oriented swap services between onchain btc and liquid assets) twitter.com/Blockstream/status

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #80 is here:

- requests help testing the next version of LND
- summarizes a discussion about soft fork activation mechanisms
- describes a few notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software


VICE did a report on the current state of surveillance in China:

h/t @openoms

Black Mirror (and SkyNet) is referenced in a positive way ... 🙃
Also mentioned that the technology is used in a Berlin metro station and student in France are tracked whether they're paying attention.
And all the 'better marketing' slogans.

I was WAY too optimistic with my 5-10 years. And people are starting to consider this (facial recognition stuff) normal.

Awesome :'(

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The 's theoretical throughput exceeds that of any "next-gen" and even payment systems like Visa or Alipay. We've reached an inflection point where decentralized systems can outperform centralized systems. ⚡️⛓️📈

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I've created pull request to update default LND version in @[email protected] to 0.8.2-beta. For start we're only updating dev envs.

If you are expert running BtcPayServer+LND, I would appreciate test feedback on updating to `LND v0.8.2-beta` image in your env github.com/btcpayserver/btcpay

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LND 0.9 adds the ability to send a payment accompanied by a text message directly to a node public key. No need for an invoice. This has the potential to become an important basis for future non-custodial tipping on social media.

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