We opened exchange service in Cambodia!

Need Cambodian riels or USD banknotes being Cambodia? We can issue a cash code and you can pick up cash from any our bank ATMs in exchange of your bitcoins.

No ID or bank card needed, travel anonymously with only bitcoins!

We also do not push you through lunatic registrations with spy Google captcha scrutiny pass or spy Facebook login process. Just apply anonymously for an offer in your currency and enjoy exchange! Easy! All exchanged bitcoins will be transfered directly to your wallet or any other bitcoin address you write in the trade chat on our website. We do not hold your bitcoins there and no plans to hold in the future.

Link: onlybestoffers.trade/sell-bitc

We couldn't agree with such practice and revitalized idea how truely independable p2p exchange has to be by announcing the mini exchange service for our respected clients and other users on our website which is not dependable on Localbitcoins or other platforms. All your data is not shared and will not be shared with any state or tax agencies as current platforms like Localbitcoins do.

Link: onlybestoffers.trade/sell-bitc

Announcement of mini exchange service on www.onlybestoffers.trade

Nowadays all countries have a trend to restrict p2p bitcoin exchanges in reasons for spying how much income from crypto has each person for heavy taxation by modern feudals. Localbitcoins platform leads in reporting about their clients for state and tax agencies.

Link: onlybestoffers.trade/sell-bitc

We added on our website onlybestoffers.trade page for ID verifications of our clients in case of bank transfers

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