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I'm buzzed and a tad nervous to share my first 'Bitcoin Beat' video, shot in Gibraltar 🇬🇮 🐒 and edited by @cinemuck_ 🙌

Link below 👇 ⬇️

Here's the first minute 👀 ...I'd love to hear your feedback 💭 ⚡️
1/8 🧵

Unpopular opinion: Fiat cannot be killed. Will not explain.

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A privacy focused lightning proxy, give it an invoice, and it will return a wrapped invoice, give that to the sender, and he won't know your receiving node!


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I'll be there and lots of interesting people like @PrinceySOV, @knutsvanholm, @omnifinn, @petermiyoung, @SvetskiWrites, @PrincFilip1, @sebbunney, @stephanlivera... 🙌 twitter.com/LibertyIOL/status/

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People seem upset bitcoin uses as much electricity as Finland, and I can understand.

Bitcoin gives everyone in the world the ability to save for the future protected from inflation & censorship.

What does Finland do?

Explain yourselves @omnifinn @thlbr @RosaRyyti @joonasilm!

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Where I buy all my books?

I buy at Konsensus Network because when you pay with you get a 10% discount!! They in Bitcoin


This is also one of my favorite books. Played a big role during my journey down the rabbit hole. Now available in Spanish, AND with a new cover. Thanks @knutsvanholm!
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One of my favourite books is now available in Spanish 🇪🇸

Paperbacks are on their way to our distributor. Shipping expected to begin 1/10.

Outside of Europe, get it directly from Amazon (available now). See below for the links 👇

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We will encourage exponential debt growth by manipulating currency, interest rates, and destroying the value of savings, and then crush those people, businesses, and nations as we "pivot" the other way. We will repeat with ever greater frequency.
Signed- Central Banks

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This turned out pretty well!

If you want a condensed version of what I'm thinking right now, this is probably it. Enjoy!


Excited to meet other freedom maximalists from all walks of life! And of course my dear friends @knutsvanholm @PrinceySOV @petermiyoung @SvetskiWrites @andreloja
Get your ticket now with a 15% discount using the code "konsensus".
Hope to see you there!

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Looking forward to speaking at @LibertyIOL about the power of leaderless organizations and the starfish model I used to found @KonsensusN.

Corporates and governments are plagued by inefficiency and malinvestment. Free market commerce and decentralized organizations are the cure.
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The world’s biggest Free Cities conference is only five weeks away!

We invite you to join supporters of liberty from across the world for a…

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@PrinceySOV, @flowidealism and @sebbunney will outline exciting educational projects that offer an alternative to traditional schooling.

@omnifinn of @KonsensusN will speak about new business models in publishing that make it harder for knowledge to be censored.

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Summary of todays trial:
-judge stated the trial will not answer if CSW is Satoshi or not.
The trial is about allegation of defamation on twitter.

Hodlonaut’s lawyers argued and stated the following during the day:
-defends that the statements are within freedom of speech

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Konsensus Network have just published the French translation of @JeffBooth's The Price of Tomorrow.

Their CEO @omnifinn will be speaking at this year's Liberty in Our Lifetime conference and Jeff will be dialling in for a virtual panel.

See: lifetimeliberty.com twitter.com/KonsensusFR/status

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📚 Comment la technologie transforme notre société et quel impact cela a sur nos vies ?

Dans son ouvrage "Le prix de demain", @JeffBooth nous présente son analyse des effets de la technologie sur l'ensemble de la société ⬇️

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