Sometimes I criticize my birth country with harsh words, even calling it backwardistan or cuckmenistan filled with gullable commies. I figured it would be a nice change of pace to write down all the good things that I love about the Finnish culture. 🧵1/20

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@IAdlercreutz Kiitos bitcoinin, ekonomia ja ekologia lyövät viimein kättä. Kaikki energiahukka poistuu, vikasijoitukset jäävät pois, ilma puhdistuu, luonto palautuu, ihmiset voivat ostaa itsensä vapaiksi oravanpyörästä.

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@thepearlyshow @SurferJimW Weakness breeds stupidity, stupidity breeds misery, misery breeds resilience, resilience breeds excellence, excellence breeds development, development breeds weakness…

Breaking: countries adopting might not go bankrupt!
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Norwegian finance newspaper E24 warns that @nayibbukele and El Salvador could go bankrupt because of the sat stacking. It's also important for them to mention in the same article that El Salvador has the highest murder rate in the world. They hate Bitcoin😂

Scarcity makes everything better.
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I miss Blockbuster.

“Can we get a movie tonight?!”

Still dream about roaming the aisles.

You can diversify your crap portfolio by opening a position in diarrhea but you will still be left holding shit. Few.

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If you look around the market but can't find the source of the yield...

it's because you are the yield.

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Did you know that you can buy "Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million" directly from @KonsensusN, as an e-book or a paperback?

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Bear markets create maximalists.

Bull markets create toxic bitcoin maximalists.


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