I know someone whose luggage case is covered in bitcoin/crypto stickers. Inexplicable.

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Always blows my mind that many experienced bitcoiners cover their laptops with bitcoin stickers. If there's one item you don't being associated with bitcoin, it's your bloody laptop.
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Video posted on r/btc. Leaving aside the shitcoin mentioned, it's quite peculiar to have the border patrol ask questions based on a sticker.
Have good opsec out there.

Gold-standard art > fiat art > cave paintings > crypto art > bitcoin art

There’s only one thing worse than crypto art and that’s bitcoin art.

I subscribe to this line of thought, but only under the absence of hostile censorship pressure.

Centralised servers getting regulated and censored can be a major motivator for the production of better self-hosting solutions and their consumption.
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This is @moxie on why has a chance of succeeding but p2p decentralized social network ideas don't:

"People don't want to run their own servers, and never will."


Authorities will start with blacklists, users will route around them with VPNs and self-hosting, then authorities will try whitelists.

In my time in the bitcoin industry, the number one ultimate cause of lost bitcoin I've observed is not hacks, it's trading shitcoins. Number two is a lost seed phrase.
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Seed phrase backups are essential to self-custody. So it's worthwhile to take the time to understand all the different ways you can record them—and the ways you shouldn't! unchained.com/blog/seed-phrase

Westerners I spoke to that were unfamiliar with China used to find it absurd, almost unthinkable, that its government would block numerous online services like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Then just like that, Great Firewalls are becoming very normal, expected, desirable.

Looks like “immunization” is now so popular, they’re going to use it to drive all sorts of agendas.

“Immunize the internet.”
“Immunize against disinformation.”

Some make more, some make less, but almost without fail they come out the other side a better person.
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You’re going to make mistakes with Bitcoin. Forgive yourself, learn, pray for prudence and wisdom.

The misinformation campaigns ran in the "what's happening" box are so overt, they're clearly not intended to inform and convert.

They can only be cheat sheet distributions to reinforce existing fanatics, to help them dismiss evidence they're presented with.

11/ And in this age of increasingly globalised financial regulation and compliance, perhaps the idea of a global, coordinated blacklist or whitelist on internet traffic doesn't seem so far-fetched, and could have a similar effect on bitcoin as an outright shutdown.

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10/ A global internet shutdown might seem laughably impossible, but bitcoin is supposed to withstand those edge cases.
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45/ Bitcoin endures because the engineers that build it expect the unexpected. Money is a dangerous game, and any weaknesses, no matter how small, will be exploited. Increasingly, people and businesses will be unable to afford being cut off from bitcoin.

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9/ In a global internet shutdown, the bitcoin network would be hampered significantly for sure, and the world may have bigger problems, but bitcoin still has the potential to keep truckin' those blocks.

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8/ Nevertheless, the incentives might lead to a majority of miners finding a way to connect connected in some form or another even without the internet. Radio, wifi, mesh, satellite, sneakernet—some very powerful economic forces would be a big motivation.

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7/ Sharing block data is harder than it sounds, because the block data is a lot more bandwidth-intensive than transaction data, so is not suited for most non-internet networking solutions—yet another reason to keep bitcoin blocks small!

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6/ Smaller miners would also be highly financially incentivised to find one or more ways of communicating their block production to one another, so that they can compete with the larger independent mines. No one wants to miss out on those block rewards.

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5/ Sharing transaction data isn't as hard as it sounds—tx data is very small and suited for low-bandwidth, non-internet transmission methods like SMS and radio.

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4/ A transaction could also still occur during the internet shutdown as long as a user could find some way of delivering that transaction data to all the miners or the few miners they considered have the greatest chance of building the heaviest chain.

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