If you’re not anti-maxi, you’re pro-maxi. ✊
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You must tolerate at least two crypto-currencies otherwise you’re not tolerable.

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If a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the (shitcoin) intolerant.
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It is time for everyone to stand up for the rights of the transchainers and the chainfluid against the toxic bitcoin maximalist patriarchy.

Many personality sacrifices this bear market. The bitcoin gods will be pleased. Very promising for the subsequent bull.

Constantly surprised how many dedicated bitcoin contributors choose to remain ignorant of economics—refuse to even carefully read one book on the topic—and still get on their high horse about the nature of bitcoin.

Bitcoin maximalists. The small, fringe, irrelevant group that everyone’s always talking about.

You must tolerate at least two crypto-currencies otherwise you’re not tolerable.

We’re all in this together except you
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Imagine joining Antima lol

At least the Monero sympathisers are unashamedly explicit about what project(s) they consider viable.

None of this ambiguous, non-committal, “some projects have promise” garbage.

maximalists literally can’t agree on anything…except that maximalism isn’t dead.

Is maximalism maximally minimising or minimally maximalising?
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@96_eclipse @nwoodfine There's an increasingly large number of this growing dying breed

Whether you personally like them or not, Rochard, Zucco, and Pouliot’s stock continues to steadily rise, as it does for many other prominent maxis.

Contrast that with the pump and dump reputations of open-minded shitcoiners, who repeatedly and inevitably fade into irrelevance.

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There’s a reason Bitcoin 2021/22 replaced Consensus as the world’s premiere cryptocurrency conference. And even they’re under pressure to further purify their sponsors and topics.

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Bitcoin maximalism is only getting stronger, and anyone that says otherwise is letting their emotions get in the way of their reasoning.

There’s never been so many bitcoin-only events and bitcoin-only companies.

Bitcoin maxis run full nodes.

Open-minded multicoiners don’t.

The middle class are a juicy target for financial exploitation because in general, they have become so hopelessly—sometimes suicidally—compliant to authority.

It was imperative that the Establishment convinced the public that money has always been a shared illusion, because that’s what they made it.

Don’t let your UTXOs get out of hand.

If you don’t know what that means, your UTXOs are out of hand.
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If you're a DCAer or miner, don't miss the latest addition to his UTXO series—this one focusing on device issues and high fees caused by accumulating too many UTXOs and how you can prevent these issues.

Barbell it.
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Need more bipolar personalities who are extremely risk averse at consensus layer and extremely risk seeking outside of consensus layer :)

Imagine if most bitcoin node operators were nice, easy-going guys prone to compromise.

Comprehensive summary of the bitcoin-for-fiat landscape.
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1/ There are so many ways to buy : exchanges, brokers, P2P platforms, ATMs, OTC desks, and more. Forget choosing a particular platform—how do you even know which *method* is best? Here we’ll walk you through the trade-offs of different approaches to acquiring bitcoin. 🧵

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