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We are all CEO of the Lightning Network, except for Craig Wright. 🤣

@landonmutch my domain, shared hosting, don’t trust me, assume it’s compromised.

Have fun :)

Cold Card wallet. Why fuck around with anything else?

Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger, and integrates secure elements throughout it's design.

Encrypted Backup of the wallet is accomplished through onboard removable high reliability, military grade SD cards. (available on the site.)They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly paranoid.

Shout out to SomberNight for fixing a signing bug I found in Electrum within hours of reporting it!

It seems like LND + BTC + BTCPAY will be able to fit into @time4vps storage server, 2TB plan.

7.49 EUR per month... I am a bit worried about the RAM though.

The best part about mastadon is that nobody here thinks cnbc is a credible news source

Does anyone have any good examples of setting up lightning invoices for art galleries?

@kcalvinalvin @stark You don't have to use this instance 😂

I'm sure the person who started it, did so he could talk about meat too.

Or just mute/block me.

Brief w/ @nvk @giacomozucco & @jimmysong (maybe) to talk Dandeloin Transactions, progress & fees and major Crypto Scams out of . What's up with $BTCUSD? Will $6k hold?

Bitcoin should give amnesty to ex-shitcoiners wanting to come home 🤗

Shitcoins dominance index keeps deteriorating, maybe they should increase the block size

Mastodon is proving a anti-chilling effect..

It makes me less afraid of losing access to my Twitter account.

The only airdrop I support is @Opendime s with little parachutes being dropped by cargo planes into countries teetering on the edge of sovereign default

@PrivateKey @Crpt0PuraVida @vortex @nvk With opendime you can physically give someone BTC. I do this to give BTC as a gift/present. For example as wedding gift. I gave a few BTC paper wallet and lately opendime as gift with €100 on it that are worth thousands now. 😲
Very satisfying and appreciated (pun intended) gift to give. 😎😎

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