@Sosthene @waxwing @orionwl @mydogisahusky @waxwing Just think of Maximalism as a scarecrow, trying to keep the scammers away. If you want to argue shitcoins, be my guest. If you want to promote shitcoins, start your own instance :P

@nicstheses Do you use an app or bot to post both here and on twitter? Considering...

For those that missed it.. @nvk bounced a BTC private key off the ionosphere using HF radio.


Gee, I haven't check here in days, ~2.5K ppl. Neat.

Feeling safer already... Don’t Trust, Verify! Awesome products @nvk @Opendime @COLDCARDwallet @Coinkite

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky problem was timing. Between the first request and the time they got the reply. Any ways...

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky I saw the ticket. What you wanted was not possible 🤷‍♂️

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky you took too long to add to the order, Coldcards are all on the way out.

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky these cards with the specs are priced just bellow what you can find. Be careful with pseudo SLC. All kinds of marketing BS out there.

@DMN737 size doesn’t matter, just a few bytes of text data.

FYI, When making @COLDCARDwallet backup into the MicroSD, it’s good practice to write 3x to the same card per SLC recommendation. Just press #2 2x more times. Then take out the SD & put another one, no need to exit that menu. Just press #2 3x on the next😉

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