For those that missed it.. @nvk bounced a BTC private key off the ionosphere using HF radio.

Gee, I haven't check here in days, ~2.5K ppl. Neat.

Feeling safer already... Don’t Trust, Verify! Awesome products @nvk @Opendime @COLDCARDwallet @Coinkite

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky problem was timing. Between the first request and the time they got the reply. Any ways...

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky I saw the ticket. What you wanted was not possible 🤷‍♂️

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky you took too long to add to the order, Coldcards are all on the way out.

@DMN737 @mydogisahusky these cards with the specs are priced just bellow what you can find. Be careful with pseudo SLC. All kinds of marketing BS out there.

@DMN737 size doesn’t matter, just a few bytes of text data.

FYI, When making @COLDCARDwallet backup into the MicroSD, it’s good practice to write 3x to the same card per SLC recommendation. Just press #2 2x more times. Then take out the SD & put another one, no need to exit that menu. Just press #2 3x on the next😉

@mydogisahusky @nvk @Coldcard
You made me jealous. Just ordered a second @Coldcard. The first one should be shipping soon, this second one is at the end of the line. My industrial grade MicroSDs should be on their way too. We’re all set now! 😁

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