The @ElectrumWallet folks will be merging the plugin soon. In the meanwhile, you can download the binaries from us or build the PR from source.

Not sure if this is the time, but the total capitulation of all is coming.

There can be only one;

This post reminded me how much I love this band and haven’t heard it in years.

Proof of Identity on @Mastodon

A bit of a work around, but here is an idea of for a few bits on the username from a signature proving that you are the username.

can make usernames based on sigs.

Full sig:

Sucks to be Turkish right now, it's their time for plan ฿

Unlike we don't flip coins to make technical decision in 🤷‍♂️

I need quote-re-toots, how else am I going to laugh over @dandarkpill's posts??? cc @Mastodon

😂 😂

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