I saw our toxic folks making memes on this WEF quote/post, I thought it was a just satire.

Nope, these ppl actually hate humanity.

Bitcoin Fixes This

@nvk Crazy eyes. She looks like a victim of rape.

@Atlas_Khan @nvk Indeed. Always have to assume that photos are just "that moment", but it looks like there's nothing behind those eyes. Dead soul.

@Atlas_Khan @nvk At this point in time, seems to be. I always wonder if these specimens started that way, or were made. I think it's the latter, but I may just be a hopeless optimist.

@Atlas_Khan @nvk Good call. As Aristotle said, "nature abhors a vacuum." These creatures cannot be natural, they're fallen humans.

>I own nothing
then why aren't you naked bitch i need to see your TITS

@nvk Many parents did not allow their children to watch the very first Star Trek series because it promoted Communism.

Launch forward to a Star Trek TNG episode where Captain Picard says something like, “People on Earth used to fight wars over such silly things as economic systems.”

Many things are not explained in Star Trek, not the least of which is why everyone’s always happy with the caste system. Not the bogus exaggerated ‘caste system’ as used by BLM and doesn’t exist, but rather a real caste system where the people in the bowels of the ship turning bolts are to remain forever there, and when someone from officer class is lost, Starfleet ships them another elite.

That lady is of the elite.
Bitcoin is made to control the masses, as is all unbacked currency.

Why do you think the CCP is promoting crypto so hard? They don’t keep it a secret, after destroying the pesky US Dollar, it’s so they have ultimate control of value in society.

Bitcoin is Globalism controlled by the CCP. It is directly opposed to freedom.

@nvk Sorry, I lost my point with the Star Trek analogy. The society that gal is proposing is the one shown in Star Trek.

You own nothing.
You have no privacy.
You lack for nothing.
Money has no value.
You can only advance yourself personally, but not in society, not in relation to others.

@nvk Well in all fairness that's quoted from a fictitious article describing "a possible version of the world in 2030, for the better or for the worse, that's up to the reader".

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