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I found logic bugs that allow audio or video to be transmitted without user consent in five mobile applications including Signal, Duo and Facebook Messenger

@nvk its a sad fact that u can not have success with apps that have the potential to work as spy tools to not implement exploitable bad lazy ( so that u can deny it was on purpose ) not easy to discover code fragments or protocol layouts,
If u would do it right from day one ur product will never have global or great success or footprint, that's a fact since INTL was a thing and that is older than Silicon.

@nvk OTOH if u do many things right there is a short window where u can sell unforced ur company or product to the big players and then later morn that u have fucked it up when the buyer later fucks the users. crocodile tears where ever u look imho.

So far i would say DYOR, find those silent diamonds or hidden config ops and enjoy those exit routes devs try to give also, even if they can not evade the other forces and brag laud about them. 🤷‍♀️

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