IF you are a wallet dev/maker, what are you waiting to adopt PayJoin/BIP78 ?!?

I'm a hodler, not a dev coder or maker... But I'd be keen to follow this. Coldcard is/has adopting BIP78, yes? So maybe you could say why you support it, while we wait to hear if other devs say why not to.

1. Does BIP78 compete with coinjoin whirlpool etc?
2. Would BIP78 encourage more regulation of Bitcoin by govts?
3. Will/can users choose to use it, if adopted optionally?

@nvk I had this question too. Why is Samourai the only one doing it?

@bryancyan @nvk WDYM? Samourai isn't doing it, they have their own (non-compatible) thing.

@kekcoin @nvk Oh, good to know. Coinjoin as a standard would be more in the spirit of "make every spend a coinjoin."

@kekcoin @nvk Samourai does implement the paynym bip47 that i haven't seen any other wallets support.

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