Learn your rights. Fuck lockdowns.
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Toronto Police Media Release
“No element of any order provides police with either the power to enter dwellings nor authority to stop a vehicle.. for.. checking compliance with the Stay at Home Order.. Individuals are not compelled to explain why they are out of their residence..”

@nvk Kudos for the Toronto Police for making this clear in their own press release.

@nvk "Here's exactly what you need to remember if one of our rogue officers harasses you"

@nvk So tired of all this govt lockdown and quarantining of healthy people. I dont think history is going to look kindly on the govt performance during this pandemic. They cant even distribute vaccines efficiently - total incompetence

@xandronus @nvk

I figured maybe you might. I've been sort of a DRI maniac for many years.

@nvk If you take a knee to this covid fake crisis...dont get up! Fight it every step of the way, we have the power!

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