Quick update on this instance.

Stop freaking out, you will have plenty of time. I’m not not flipping the switch for sometime.

Signups are now closed, but that it for the short term future.

Don’t sit on your arse either, make an effort to run your own instance :)

The goal is more comms resilience.

@nvk Too soon. This hasn't even really taken off yet. Get some mods and let it roll. This has been such a GREAT experience so far I hate to see it slow down.

@nvk appreciate you hosting the instance right now. One thing that we'll miss out from is the "local" section which as it is now has some great content.

@nvk good to hear bitcoin hackers isn’t going anywhere!

@nvk I'm having a hard time finding storage requirements. will a personal server run on a 500GB server? ( not my full node of course, that would be bad )

@gunnerd few gigs should be enough for a small commuity.

@nvk I don't know, I might need extra storage for all of my steak photos. I'll figure it out.

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