Yay we made it to the fediverse blocklist without a single instance of anything that would offend even a woke person. The bar is low these days ooooof

@nvk with the amount of shitcoiners in existence, this seemed inevitable.


Crypto is white suppremacy because blacks and Mexicans cant understand it

@nvk Mastodon newb here. Does that just mean we get less content in the federated timeline due to instances using that standard blocklist?

@eifer @nvk it just means that you wont see content from communist shithole servers

@Seth586 @eifer @nvk now that is some beautiful fucking irony.
God is real.

@nvk I especially love the linked toots they provided justifying their actions.

Irony is a wonderful thing.

@melik @nvk I looked at some of the toots from other servers on the list and bitcoinhackers are very tame in comparison. It's comical. They obviously wanted to ban bitcoinhackers no matter what and that was the "worst" they could find.

@jgettbtc @nvk

This is an appropriate time for:
Have Fun Staying Poor.

@nvk Sound money offends me. I want to have my wealth and energy stolen by people who I don't know.

@[email protected]

When their bar for ban is "free speech" you know it's gonna be bad.

@p2hang @nvk They should be just honest about it, and be upfront like "WE WANT CENSORSHIP FOR THE OTHERSIDE!".

@nvk They don't even like free speech? WTF are these woke commie bolshevik bastards even trying to decentralize in the first place for?

@BTCLuke @nvk commies will ned capital to run their propaganda. Fiat money fuels it. Sound money will stop their nonsense

@nvk lol…do people like that ever do anything that matters? Yawn.

@nvk I’m noticing many BCH users communicating with @counterfedi users so that might be it too, we’re on #fediblock

@nvk The alt right tag is straight up wrong and the "receipts" are just laughable.

@nvk I was not aware bitcoin was alt-right. Sad state of affairs these days.

@ecorp Alt- right was a term made up by the media because they already ruined the term right-wing with all their propaganda and it was obvious that the younger generation of liberty oriented people where "right-wing" but didn't fit the stereo types.

@Zachary_BTC Imagine being that caught up in identity politics.

@nvk Nice of them to say I'm alt-right. Here i was, thinking I just really liked bitcoin.

Guess this is an instance where few really do understand.

I called Christine Lagarde "honey".
I mean if it comes up later.

@nvk Our first little bit of drama! We weren’t even trying.

@nvk Interesting. Claims has no public admin, rules or accountability. doesn't appear to have anything on the page to identify who they are?

@k3tan @nvk Sounds like minority report. We must be stopped before something actually happens 😂

@nvk Funny how free speech is so contentious. Next I expect Mao-style "struggle sessions" where they try to make you apologize for harboring all those dirty freedom-lovers.

@TallTim @nvk local “citizens committees for public safety” are coming. They’ll encourage snitching, “safety”audits and worse. It’s all happened before.

@nvk there does not seem to be a way to make suggestions to remove blocked sites from the list. Guess the goal is obvious from the start

@nvk don’t worry guys, if we cant use Mastodon I’ll setup a BBS at my house and we’ll go old school. Dust off your 2400 baud modem and be prepared to dial long distance to Thailand!

@nvk all the memes will need to be converted to ANSI art though

@nvk HAHA "Libertarian freezepeach instance, has no public admin, rules, or accountability. Admin tried to federate with gab, and otherwise opening itself to the alt right who are leaving twitter.
No COC, “This is a free speech safe-space”.

Tags: alt-right, free speech"

@nvk getting blocked is the new woke

getting censored is like using a bank

its all about censorship resistance

@nvk I wonder how many admins use this tool. I'm seeing a form where everyone can submit whatever domain they want. There's no review process as far as I can tell. So ultimately it's just the opinion of a single maintainer. Who may not even verify the claims.

@sjors @nvk They certainly don't - the instructions to the form say "Please make sure to include receipts (hyperlinks and/or screenshots) **for all claims you make**. We don't want trust to be necessary to use this list." (emphasis mine). The bitcoinhackers ban description claims "Admin tried to federate with gab" but there's nothing in the so-called receipts to show that.

@sjors many instances do, but probably none that we would be interested in have a conversation anyways.

@nvk FWIW I still receive toots from and I can interact with them, I'm on

@ott0disk @nvk Yes, not many admins actually use that list. We're on the open Web; don't fall into the trap of thinking that the fediverse is some kind of centrally controlled or cohesive community, with random people being able to speak for the majority of instances or users. It is not.

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