Not your instance not your data.

If you are technically capable, you should run your own and just connect to here. 🤔

@nvk What happens when you block the entire instance?

@k3tan people from here would stop seeing it. But if they run their own they can still see it.

@nvk @k3tan are you going to block other instances that don't follow your tos?

@nme @nvk @k3tan
I would like to add to this question..
who are you currently blocking? is this list public?

@miketwenty1 @nme @k3tan

Aside from spamming IPs, no one is blocked.

The Foundation scammers will not be hosted here, they can run their own instance and participate if they want.

@nme Trying to be pragmatic. So TOS violations for sure will be blocked. People that cause an unreasonable about of work for us too.

I'm not going to spend dollars defending ppl in court.

@nvk so if my tos contradicts yours, you will block the bitcoinenemies instance?

@nvk wow. so you're going to police all of bitcoin mastadon. very pragmatic

@nme We don't have a choice, not going to jail because people want to be stupid.

@nvk lol. you're going to go to jail for what I do on my mastadon instance?

@nvk @nme @k3tan
What is a foundation scammer? Are we talking about blockchain projects?

@nme @miketwenty1 Ohhhh really. A scammer hardware wallet? Oh shit.

@bryancyan @nme
im still confused on the terminology.. is "foundation scammer" referencing a any scammer hardware wallet? or a specific company?

@miketwenty1 @nme Yeah its a pricey hardware wallet that you can pre-order. Maybe because they are taking money without it being in production so it’s a scam? Anyways I trust @nvk knows something not right about it so it’s best to steer clear.

@nvk any lessons you learned from running your own instance?

@bitcoinmechanic @nvk

The github page shows how to set it up. It doesn't look to hard, I'll do it this weekend.

Important prerequisite: You need a domain with working email.

@nvk I've been thinking this but don't you need a hackers account to see the local feed?

@slivoc @nvk Not necessarily. You can add as a relay and can see the entire feed. That's the theory anyway.

Ill take a crack at it. I've looked at it a couple times now I think I could figure it out.

@Enki @nvk Pleroma is highly recommended. (It is even compatible with the Mastodon frontend and ships with both frontends by default.)

@p So looking more into Pleroma it looks like its a bit better for sharing media? At least in terms of how it handles media compression?

@Enki Well, it has deduping and stuff like that. (FSE doesn't use it; we have our own solution to this problem: .) I'm not sure what you mean, though.

@nvk i'm sure we'll see an influx of self hosted instances once you fuck it up looool

@nvk just a heads up Pleroma is a fediverse software that runs on a Raspberry Pi.

@nvk That reminds me that my ISP won't let me host a website.

@kimisan @nvk Yes. They block port 80 and 443. If I use another port, they keep changing my IP address.

@verretor @kimisan @nvk
Simple solution is to run your local web server on 81 and/or 444. Publish the corresponding link like http://<your domain name>:81

@harrym @kimisan @nvk If I remember correctly, it's in the contract. Like, if they catch me running a website, they cut me off the internet.

I can run sketchy websites on the darkweb though.

@verretor @kimisan @nvk
I'd check that contract. My experience was with a whole country blocking incoming ports. They relied on people not knowing what the issue was. They never prosecuted for it.

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