@nvk Which people? :)
I am more of a knife girl but can fire one off if I have to. A girl has gotta have skillz. These were my first pulls with this shooter.

@BitcoinBelle that’s great! you should try a sling hold, they are awesome for standing position.

@nvk Truth be told, I don't like guns. I find them to be unelegant. And quite frankly, every one of the situations I've been in that were life threatening, guns were of no use. But I do see their appeal.

@BitcoinBelle @nvk guns are useless in most instances. A high quality knife (gerber folding) is all you need in 99% of life threatening situations. Dont leave home without one bitcoiners. Cop with 25 years experience told me that at concealed carry course.

@btcdca @nvk I used to do adventure racing with a team of special forces dudes. One of them was set afire and thrown off a bridge in 2002. RIP. Anyway, none of them owned guns. I made this and "paid" for it building a chicken coup & vegetable garden for a family. Being able to shoot is one thing; being able to kill someone is entirely different. People who pose "like Patriots" aren't really my people.

@BitcoinBelle @nvk i worry about being the target of desperate people who will want to take my bitcoin by force..

@btcdca @nvk Don't kill for anything you wouldn't die for. <3

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