Who wants to go explain to this folks on reddit that @BTCPayServer is pretty cool and bitcoin is not for crazy ppl? I’m too lazy

@nvk @BTCPayServer It will be the crazy ppl who love bitocin that will inherit the earth.

They'll figure it out, eventually. Also will eventually dawn on them that trusting a centralized service run by a jelly boy, especially in a country that doesn't have a 2A, is a losing strategy.

@nvk @BTCPayServer

Too lazy or too tired? Bitcoin evangelism was a thankless job for years and then became an opportunity for people to blame you for their poor choices . . . like buying bitcoin and holding it on an exchange or Coinbase. :/

@BitcoinBelle @nvk @BTCPayServer I love how you say "an exchange or Coinbase".

What is Coinbase considered then? Besides a scam.

@nvk @BTCPayServer
Me too, I've barely got enough consciousness left to finally get on the @Coldcard order list. 1 card, 2 chips should do it I figure.

@mydogisahusky @Coldcard Just gonna say that at one point Coinkite was open to adding additional coldcards / sd cards / whatever to unshipped orders via email contact. If you're gonna be redundant and store backups offsite, may want a second Coldcard. Looking forward to the new toy!

@btcFUD @Coldcard
Ya, I agree . I was just looking at my budget. My cat needs salmon.

@nvk @BTCPayServer I am focused on speaking with the 'precoiner' population which is about 90% of the folks in the US. I think if we spend more time with that population, it will make our network stronger. Arguing with shills just increases my stress levels


@bitcoinshirt is working hard on a full tutorial right now to go from zero to functioning WooCommerce+BTCPAY, including getting your domain name and hosting. Super noob friendly. Includes options for self-hosted and 3rd party hosted @BTCPayServer. Should be finished soonish.

The one thing BTCPay lacks that will be the real clincher is auto exchange to fiat. It will come eventually and then it will be a no brainer.

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