Anyone take a close look at uTox?

Bumped into this project while back. Seems to be doing a lot of things right. Starting by not being on the browser, libsodium and crypto based ident.

cc @harding

@nvk @harding is it a chat client that is bootable? like a linux boot?

@alonsovalencia @nvk @harding I remember the Tox project from a couple of years ago, it made some noise and then went under the radar. Good to see they're still around.

@dden @alonsovalencia @nvk @harding it went under the radar because the main dev raised funds and exit scammed

@nvk @dden @alonsovalencia @harding I can't find a link and may be wrong, I just saw someone say it. Development is still going on, so there's nothing to worry about.

@nvk @harding Yeah utox is a good idea but probably not practical for the real world because it requires that users need to be online to receive messages :/

@Ancap @nvk read that the first time as UTXO and was very confused.... 😃

@harding @nvk lol I am sure someone said something similar to satoshi in the cypherpunk mailing lists 😂

@nvk @harding The android client rubs me the wrong way, preemtively asking for a bunch of permissions it doesn't need (yet).

@nvk @harding I looked at it a few years ago. Iirc no multidevice support (laptop and phone client are 2 seperate identities) and annoyance of having to be online at the same time.

@kekcoin @nvk @harding There are even several clients for it. QT-based qtox always was a bit more mature.

And yes, it's simple p2p, so it can't store data anywhere for offline mode.

But things like video chat work pretty well actually afair.

@nvk @harding I used to use it, but then the only two people I knew that were on it stopped using it and I had no one to talk with 😅

@fed @harding Same we tried to use internally, but we ended up sticking to our own IRC server with OTR.

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