This post reminded me how much I love this band and haven’t heard it in years.

@nvk I see them every couple of years. I saw them last year in Virginia and they're still amazing.

@nvk god that must've been amazing. Brazil's metal scene puts the US to shame

U.S. needs good heavy metal now. A lot a mosh pit could put right.

@hiyitopatada @nvk for real. I don't even know what's popular now, but it can't be good

No clue, either.

"Back in my day, we used to run in circles and punch each other for fun... then everyone went to Twitter and got soft."

@btc @nvk Fuck the metal scene, grunge man. I seriously thought I was hearing Kurt again when I first found these guys:

@shinobimonkey @nvk lol in the comments, a guy from the band said "nobody gave a shit about us until someone named it Nirvana song on YouTube"

They really do sound like them, it's uncanny

@dammkewl @btc @nvk Yeah that's Nirvana. Track first popped up mislabeled as Nirvana lost track, usually displayed with Nirvana pics now as a nod to dankness.

@nvk I’ll gladly Dj a classic metal set at the next steak dinner after party 😁

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