1/6 Don’t trust me or this platform, especially regarding privacy. Trust is overrated. **Assume it’s compromised.** That’s the best approach. This is just a rails project running on shared hosting. Is it possible to fortify this platform? I don’t know, and there's no time to find out. If you want to put in the time, run an instance. Especially if you are a RoR dev. It’s on GitHub.

2/6. Do I think this is the future? Prob not. I'm still skeptical. Should we still do it? HELL YES! This is fun and I intend to keep paying for the server and putting in some work as long as it doesn’t take over from my other projects.


3/6 Will I be censoring people? YES, under these rules: “This is a Mastodon instance for Bitcoin Maximalists. No scams, no shitcoin, no impersonation, no begging, and no illegal content. Keep it civil and we should all survive :)” bitcoinhackers.org/about/more

4/6. Can I transfer this over to someone else? That’s the wrong approach and will just transfer centralization to a different person. If you want/disagree, you should join or start a different instance. I want to incentivize decentralization.

@nvk I would also like to mention that there are other server implementations; for instance, Pleroma which is server and client compatible with Mastodon (IIRC, you can set it up such that it uses Mastodon's web UI, too), and is specifically optimised for less resource usage. People have ran instances on Raspberry Pis and even Steamlinks.

@nvk Another thing: people have said that running your own single-user instance is "hard mode", which is true in a way because on a single-user instance the federated timeline is basically useless.

However, there are clients that let you view the local timeline of any instance, one of which being Kurotodon for Chrome (there's one for mobile devices too but I can't remember what it's called :/ )

@nvk You can also set both Mastodon and Pleroma up in such a way that they can run as an onion service over Tor.

@slipstream @nvk I caught Federated relays in the changelog for the next mastondon update. Apparently that enables servers to use relays to link to other instances without necessarily having users who are connected to them. So this could be a solution to having a single-user instance and lame / empty federated timelines.

@nvk No banning for ambiguous HaTeSpEeCh or banning for words such as nigger, kike, or cracker?

@duckartes Not sure yet, depends on the context. Also if the community doesn't want it, maybe wont be here.

I guess the most important thing is, don't be a dick.

@nvk Not happy about the ambiguity, but your server, your rules, I'l bail if becomes a censorfest.

Ambiguity is usually better than rules, it allows room for human involvement. Your post didn't get you deleted, but had you used some / any of those examples TOWARDS someone, I'd assume you'd have been banned. I do a bunch of moderation myself, and I've found the "Be excellent to each other" rule to be the most effective, since it can change based on context.

@doubleyousee23 That's whack AF. It's not a game if the rules can be changed on the fly or randomly hammered.


I did not say 'changed on the fly'. but I can tell this isn't a fruitful conversation, so I shall bow out.

@duckartes @doubleyousee23 dUCK is right tho, ambiguity enables arbitrary censorship

for example, if you make a rule you HAVE to enforce it (theoretically) so if you ban certain words, you should ban for ANY usage of those words. If you ban shilling, you should ban ALL shilling regardless of context, if you ban politics you have to ban ALL politics, and may as well write a bot, and have no appeal, because rules were broken. If rules have leeway, then they aren't rules, they are suggestions. Ergo, I think suggestions are better than rules.

@duckartes @doubleyousee23 @nvk

can't we just agree that ALL is allowed, but for some blacklisted behaviour such as:
- Shilling shitcoins
- Personal harassment/blackmailing/bullying/inciting violence
- CP
- NSFW content persistently without tagging

And everybody is happy? It's not so hard!

@realdaedalus @doubleyousee23 @nvk harassment needs to be defined. If you're public, you better expect interaction.

@duckartes @doubleyousee23 @nvk

Personal harassment, phisical threatening, doxing, stuff that gets people hurt.

I hope we all agree fighting words is dumb and lame ni🅱️🅱️uck !

@duckartes @realdaedalus @doubleyousee23 @nvk There are no rules that aren't subject to human interpretation. Unambiguous laws = Utopian concept.

look up Hasnas "The Myth of the Rule of Law" for further explanation

@duckartes @realdaedalus @doubleyousee23 @nvk
(1/2) Hasnas: "it is the public's ability to engage in this type of doublethink, to be aware that the law is inherently political in character and yet believe it to be an objective embodiment of justice, that accounts for the amazing degree to which the Federal government is able to exert its control over a supposedly free people."

@duckartes @realdaedalus @doubleyousee23 @nvk
(2/2) "I would argue that this
ability to maintain the belief that the law is a body of consistent, politically neutral rules that can be objectively applied by judges in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary goes a long way toward explaining the citizens' acquiescence in the steady erosion of their fundamental freedoms"

@duckartes @doubleyousee23 I think the problem here lies in the fact you see this as a game. This is a communication platform, @nvk has set out the goals that he plans to optimize for, not a game with strict rules that motivates loophole-searching.

Mastodon is federated, if you disagree with the way this instance is run you can run your own, and people from this instance can still interact with you if they so choose.

@kekcoin @doubleyousee23 @nvk read about game theory as it pertains to the entirety of existence.

@duckartes @doubleyousee23 @nvk If you want me to understand the point you're trying to make you need to articulate it. If you're okay with me not getting your point, that's fine too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@doubleyousee23 One persons hate speech is anothers religion.

@nvk 🤔 What about just simple plain old dissenting opines?

@rm0rf I guess depends. Some people just can’t control themselves and will spam lies. If most people get annoyed and it’s not constructive maybe gets the boot. A good rule of thumb is many of the community get sick of it.

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