I'm just waiting for @nvk to exit scam and delete the instance he's running to teach everyone a lesson of the dangers of trusted third parties. 😈

@lopp I told folks to VPN. @Mastodon has ZERO privacy features.

@nvk @lopp @Mastodon isn't it possible to keep no logs or restrain them to only 24h?


@ott0disk @lopp @Mastodon impossible to make that guarantee and you to trust me. Just assume this is compromised.

@nvk @ott0disk @lopp @Mastodon
What are the server requirements? I can't imagine its cheap.

@ott0disk @kelbie @nvk @lopp also, there's alternative but compatible server software that uses a tiny amount of resources

check out pleroma, people have ran it on steamlinks and raspberry pis and it's client and server compatible with mastodon

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