Amazing to see ppl dumping LinkedIN. It’s just spam and trash. Where the “experts” are 🙄

@mydogisahusky @nvk aaahh, the joys of lacking credentials and not being “highly educated”. Don’t have to deal with that shit.

@402PaymentRequired @nvk
what's funny is I am. I just don't WANNA deal with that shit. Just want to play my guitar and bang on my drum all day. Hang out with my husky dog and teach him to type.

@nvk I get endless messages on LinkedIn by ICO pumpers. I literally never read my LinkedIn feed. The only value of the site is to display my CV, which occasionally leads to a good opportunity.

@nvk Very excited to dump my Linked in, should be able to very soon.

@vortex @nvk I'm going to sign up for LinkedIn just so I can dump them! ;)

@vortex @nvk I have an old account, never needed it, haven’t checked in forever.... I what did I miss, did they ban Alex Jones🤔😆

@nvk I even considered a while ago creating a platform for only verified experts share content.

@nvk Everybody and their nan is an expert on JackedIn

@nvk whenever I pop in to LinkedIn, I see all the usual schmoozer "thought leaders" that have come into my orbit over the years diligently posting their crappy articles and liking each other's stuff. It's a huge circle jerk.

I wish we could just lock the doors and launch LinkedIn into the sun.

@nvk I’ve noticed people never engage in meaningful debate on LinkedIn. All threads are just a shmoozer love fest.

@nvk I knew Linked-In was a waste of time when I saw fictitious accounts based on "Silicon Valley" TV series getting accolades like real people.

@nvk LinkedIn the spamiest of the social nets.

@nvk Linked is more or less a platform for recruiters to poach people

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