Unlike we don't flip coins to make technical decision in 🤷‍♂️

@nvk Damn right. Always thought that was their biggest mistake - takebacks on a blockchain.

@nvk I’m trying to imagine what the point of that question is without looking at Twitter.

@nvk taste the salt, his scam isn't scaling.

@nvk also, why do we have to flip a coin AND choose between the options Vitalik offers?

@sjors @nvk Because if you're not building ridiculous mechanisms on ridiculous mechanisms you're not thinking like an Ethereal.

@nvk when I saw the tweet all I could think of was "someone have hacked his account. No one can be that crazy" but maybe that's how some people run their project.

@nvk I noticed that bitcoin abc incremented the version number without changing the code. So maybe that's the new in software "development".

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