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Hello newcomer, TwAtter still where I hang out the most. I hope we can use this as a backup just in case we need.

Remember to follow others so that your feedback is not just my garble.

Try running your own instance so you are not at my merci.

This instance is provided as is, no warranties, no promises of privacy or security. Just best efforts approach.


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Hi guys, Twitter down and you never know tomorrow. Created a new group on TG as backup for Bitcoin Twitter (aside from mastodon).

Let's see how far we can spread it as an exercise while Twitter still down.

Ukraine really is the one with most to gain with Nordstream’s blow up… don’t @ me. GN.

fixes this 😘
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PAYPAL - Is rolling out a new agreement, to give itself more censorship powers and the ability to deduct income directly from those who don’t abide by its speech rules.

Effective 3rd of November, you will comply with their views or be punished.

Tomorrow, when the markets open and everyone starts freaking out, just remember;

doesn’t have any counterparty risk. Everything else does.

This is silly think, the only reason why Airbnb has an outsized impact is due to near free mortgages. In the coming years we will see most of these default.

Best yet, move out or big cities…
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Stop using AirBnB. They are ruining neighborhoods everywhere and you are helping them.

AirBnB doesn't care. The landlords really don't care. Guests are the only ones that might. Don't wait until your own home is surrounded by year-r…

It turns out the market prefers to use Bitcoin base layer for Savings and Lighting Network for payments.

Unless new tech or dynamics change, there is no amount of bitching about empty blocks that will change that.

Trying to fight market dynamics is what commies do.

Fun fact; the 3AC guys were ex CS guys 😂
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Welcome to the party, fiatbros 🍿

assets under management: $1.5 Trillion.
AuM: $0.36T.

Contagion Monday’s is the best kind of Monday.
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Vanguard has been selling hidden CDS wrapped in ETFs and it is going to take out the central bank of Fiji.

Watch SPX tomorrow.

What kind of a pssy bans words? is a URL…
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Liberals trying to ban the term from the House of Commons.

I’ll make them a deal: If Justin Trudeau stops causing inflation, we will stop talking about JustinFlation.

This. Instead of simply seeking the normie/dumb solutions, try to learn. It’s worth it.

If you learn, when someone DM asking your seed you will flip the bird, not comply.
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Yes,  is hard to understand & secure properly.

Like email & the internet before that, it will become 2nd nature in time.

I don’t think we even need sources… just look at the CDS charts 😂
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Credible source tells me a major international investment bank is on the brink

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The Solana network is experiencing an outage and not processing transactions. Developers across the ecosystem are working on diagnosing the issue and to restart the network. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The new BitcoinTreasuries .net site is out!

Charts 📊, time series data📈, etc... Account login for user data contributions and APIs coming soon.

I just realized @Coinkite we now have about 40 physical products we make/stock/ship 😆

Still less than 10 ppl, and I think we can still do much more

Less ppl => more output

Quality and production deflation due to technology improvements vs metastasized managerial infested services and/or over regulation
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The 2022 version of a popular inflation chart.

Futures bitcoin is one of the dumbest things one could possibly get. Only downside sides.
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I am once again asking you to simply buy spot $BTC instead of apeing into futures.

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HoC Speaker @AnthonyRota tells @DougShipleyBSOM today he is not allowed to say "Justinflation" in the House.

Instead of trying to change the tools, try to be clever and find new ways of using the same tools for what you need.

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