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Signups re-open, now by approval to slow it down a bit.

I don't want to keep people out and further drama with in/out group.

Let's keep experimenting.

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Hi guys, Twitter down and you never know tomorrow. Created a new group on TG as backup for Bitcoin Twitter (aside from mastodon).

Let's see how far we can spread it as an exercise while Twitter still down.

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Why have a car in the city if you are not using for cargo? If you are using for traveling, you need cargo space!

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An ATV has more cargo room than a Prius. I don’t understand why people buy that car.

I’m very happy i was wrong about Speedy Trial’s chances!
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TAPROOT is coming

Marty is net positive 😁
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The Sat Standard - June 12th, 2021


- Taproot locked in
- Volcano mining
- Bitcoin is legal tender in 🇸🇻
- New capital requirements proposed
- Exchange web traffic
- Microstrategy stacking
- much more

Peep. Share. Subscribe. Engage.

Sparrow needs more love, great wallet.

Try it out!
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@shortnon @matthiasdebern @TreyLockerbie @saoulidisg @Coinkite @getumbrel @ElectrumWallet Sparrow’s code has been independently reviewed - it’s part of the process of being listed as a wallet on

Today better pump more before the weekend dump LOL

Nothing weirder than a non-capitalist bitcoinER.

Nothing weirder than a non-capitalist bitcoin.

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@nvk devs should be forced to work with the browser's network and cpu throttling locked to the lowest settings.

BitClout is yet another shitcoin to take your bitcoin.

Want the poor to access your services?

Make your damn apps need less bandwith, loading everything f/ some CDN w/out any regard to data is how many are unable to access ur application

Virtue signalling w/ a black guy on the hero marketing image just causes even more data waste

And If for whatever reason you have any respect for them, checkout “The creature of Jekyll Island”
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The IMF is much worse than a crack dealer, they don’t want you to repay they want you to become a slave.

All shitcoiners wish they were bitcoin maxis, that’s the truth.
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It’s possible to reject the myopic view of BTC maxis, while supporting .

White washing is much easier when most want to believe.

Doge was great, until it took itself seriously.

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