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Hello newcomer, TwAtter still where I hang out the most. I hope we can use this as a backup just in case we need.

Remember to follow others so that your feedback is not just my garble.

Try running your own instance so you are not at my merci.

This instance is provided as is, no warranties, no promises of privacy or security. Just best efforts approach.


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Hi guys, Twitter down and you never know tomorrow. Created a new group on TG as backup for Bitcoin Twitter (aside from mastodon).

Let's see how far we can spread it as an exercise while Twitter still down.

Your bitcoin private keys and the attackers that want them won’t be held back by feel good narratives with bullshit security.

One of my favorite things about bitcoin is how it really cleans out the fraudsters.

Most are simply unprepared to deal with Bitcoiners, they get caught bullshiting.

Bitcoiners run the numbers.

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The Trudeau government has announced it worked with airlines to consider requiring “digital identity documents” and biometric data like facial recognition for pre-aircraft boarding requirements.

Fiat and the normalization of a fiat life created a generation of people who are not hungry to work.

Pizza, video games, porn and parents basement.

Human ingenuity always wins, many of the most ingenious ppl in the planet are working on related projects.

Print more money to combat inflation

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Canadians woke up to see inflation at a record high, again

When times are tough, people not corporations deserve support

Today, Parliament will vote on the NDP motion to give up to $1000 to Canadians struggling with the high-cost of living

wins because you can't cheat Physics and can't shoot Math.

The perfect employment of the physical and metaphysical to enforce scarcity and security asymmetry.

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