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Signups re-open, now by approval to slow it down a bit.

I don't want to keep people out and further drama with in/out group.

Let's keep experimenting.

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Hi guys, Twitter down and you never know tomorrow. Created a new group on TG as backup for Bitcoin Twitter (aside from mastodon).

Let's see how far we can spread it as an exercise while Twitter still down.

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Mr. Biden can you make the mempool go empty so that I can get some 1sat/b through?

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If you're the administrator of a Bitcoin related Mastodon/Pleroma instance, please add your instance to my relay. Follow the instructions on It should get you access to all instances on the list. Once you've followed, you'll get added to the list!
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Just got this screen shot by email from family concerned about Bitcoin. SMFH.

Lady Gaga on the inauguration really sets the tone.

America became the real-life version of the Hunger Games

And folks seem to have gotten the message about running their own!

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For all it's flaws, recent DrAmA events & being best-efforts, seems active and stable🖖😎🤘

Ppl are actively engaging (less Twitter mirroring). New signups approved. Now properly relayed w/ @_k3tan instance

This August it will be 2yrs of setting it up

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I found logic bugs that allow audio or video to be transmitted without user consent in five mobile applications including Signal, Duo and Facebook Messenger

Let us know, we are adding more links to the docs!
What are the tutorials/guides/videos that most helped you get started with @COLDCARDwallet?

COVID in Canada:

Gov ppl: sipping margaritas in Caribbean every other week

Most ppl: french kissing everyone's door knob

Actual Numbers: no significant increase in overall deaths

Is this the best they have to attack ?

Number just went up a little.

Small minds.
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No, of course not. It will be blacklisted, as will anyone who is found using it. No mainstream retailer will participate in it, and dissidents will be forced to create their own entire shadow economy with a few tens of thousands of players and no grocery stores.

Aside from many calls with the accountant to finish the YE and great takes on Twitter, I accomplished nothing today.

You welcome.

MMT + Stimulus: I'm going to give you, your money back. With one caveat, it will be worth 10-20%/year less.

ThE PpL: 🥳🥳🥳

I identify as leave me alone and I will leave you alone.

The tribal/political fight of cantillionare of both left & right is one of the best things that ever happen

Both sides keep poisoning the well of branches of government the other prefers

And both FUDing each-other just erode any gov confidence ppl had left in all gov

Sour Grape: disparagement of something that has proven unattainable

Ie:missed on &/or sold early

Etymology:f/ the fable ascribed to Aesop of the fox who after finding himself unable to reach some grapes he had desired disparaged them as sour

Equivalent pejorative:HFSP

Everyone can do it.
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I bought @COLDCARDwallet and tutorials by @stephanlivera and @_k3tan thank you guys for amazing tutorials! Next move is to learn how to run nodes.


Imagine the carbon footprint on that.

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