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Signups re-open, now by approval to slow it down a bit.

I don't want to keep people out and further drama with in/out group.

Let's keep experimenting.

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Hi guys, Twitter down and you never know tomorrow. Created a new group on TG as backup for Bitcoin Twitter (aside from mastodon).

Let's see how far we can spread it as an exercise while Twitter still down.

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Denominated in BTC
RT @sqcrypto
Starting now, Square Crypto grantees have the option to denominate funding in bitcoin, dollars, or calzones.

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@TallTim @jimmysong multiple people have complained. With great power comes great responsibility. First rules of engagement is warning, and possibly asking other mods what they think. Deleting someone's post is a very big deal.

FYI, I know next to nothing about sports so happy to take all the suggestions.

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Coming in a few min cc @RussellOkung

What columns would you like to see, once populated I can make it resolve to it's own domain permanently.
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So interesting to see more and more athletes jump into bitcoin.

Getting paid in bitcoin could be the start of a trend across pro sports (and beyond?).

I’d love to see a leaderboard tracking which athletes / teams / leagues are out front.


so good.
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Why ? @MicroStrategy CEO @michael_saylor nails it in Lily’s first interview ever ✨ (1/2)

Things non-shitcoin @Coinkite is working on

-Option to scramble SEEDPLATE w/ plausible deniability
-More @Coldcard PIN games, further plsble deniability
-Making multisig usable
-Mk4 still lots todo
-Custom Security MicroSD
-Experimenting w/ distress txns
-LOTS of secret-stuff™

Bitcoin & Chill 🍿
RT @LukeGromen
The tech bubble burst; it was kicked upstairs to the banking system via a housing bubble.

The housing bubble burst; it was kicked up to the sovereign level via a sovereign debt bubble.

The sovereign debt bubble has burst & is being kicked upstairs to MMT

We need to get bitcoin backed by the USD, it’s the only way to be taken seriously. 🤡
RT @steve_hanke
Bitcoin bulls hate to discuss the flaws of bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Bitcoin is not.

Read my recent article, which explains how Bitcoin will be replaced by better cryptocurrencies, specifically with a cryptocurrency board.

RT @allenf32
you have outdone your own fucktardery, friend.

you don't understand Kripke semantics and you don't understand the "technology" behind NFTs either.

thread cited in the following tweet will walk you through how they don't rigidly designate shit.

RT @btc_cfo
@JamesRoloff @bigafricanhat_ @vegan_trev @nvk Actually they started implementing it last year

RT @bigafricanhat_
@vegan_trev @nvk I agree, in fact I think we should go even further with it. Let's get the government to just make everyone billionaires, then we can tax everyone at higher rates & then governments could have insanely rich citizens who can fund the government for the foreseeable future. Simple!

Canada UBI math.
RT @scottshanno
@vegan_trev @nvk Have you done the math? Here is a rough order of magnitude calculation.

The net worth of Canada's top billionaires is roughly $250 billion. (probably a high estimate)

If you literally took every penny it would pay for ~6 months of a 1k/month UBI per person.

RT @vegan_trev
@nvk We address that literally all the time?

My favourite solution is taxing billionaires 🍽

Bitcoin fixes this.
RT @InvestRepeat
@nvk "The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency."

- Vladimir Lenin

If you are middle class and you are for UBI, HFSP.

They will be taking the money from you via inflation to give you a cheque for much less.

The Liberal Party of Canada is very pro-Bitcoin!

RT @Wealth_Theory
Universal Basic Income is coming to Canada. It is now official Liberal party policy.

Fiat currencies are trash. Save in .

What UBI proponents never address is where does the money come from and what consequences a subsidized work force has in the market.

CERB proved two things, money printing is the source and labour disengages from the workforce for much less than what they would make working.
RT @NatashaFatah
Universal Basic Income: @McMasterU Economics Professor Wayne Lewchuk says over the past 30-40 years the labour market has become less stabl…

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