Nous vivons dans un monde où :
-Les médecins tuent la santé
-Les avocats tuent la justice
-Les universités tuent la connaissance
-Les gouvernements tuent la liberté
-La presse tue l'information
-La religion anihile la morale
-Les banques détruisent l'économie
Il faut se couvrir.

When we are in a Bull market, everybody is a financial advisor and is trying to make money on people.
You discover the true face of people.

Fortunately, almost all is open source nowadays.
People would confiscate the knowledge and act like they are smart if it were not the case.
Plus, they would trade their audience for a shitty amount and for a shittier business.

I don't know yet at which part of the bitcoin code source I should start with

I am about to set up a bicoin lab, dedicated to solve west africans issues with money

Any idea on where to find funding or sponsorship ?

First, we will study bitcoin protocol and layers. Then, it will be Lightning network. Finally, we will try to set up a P2P bitcoin exchange.

Just talked with some people about creating a bitcoin-focused lab in Senegal, West Africa

Now, I am planning a lab with some junior devs

I started with an otc bitcoin exchange in telegram

People are too used to be told what to do

But, we, west africans are too brainwashed

First pouet.. but what is the meaning of "pouet" ?

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