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"we're going to try bring Arti to a production-quality client implementation over the next year and a half"

"Eventually, once our Rust implementation of Tor is a good replacement for our C implementation, we will stop adding new features to the C implementation, and eventually drop support for it entirely."

#Tor is being rewritten in #Rust 😀

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Mechanicville Hydroelectric is the oldest renewable energy facility in the world that’s still running, but it was nearly dismantled as it’s difficult to maintain profitability.

That recently changed, and it’s now profitable, thanks to mining. ♻️


Elmo: Recursive Virtual Payment Channels for Bitcoin

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President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele: "Next week I will send to congress a bill that will make a legal tender."

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Historic moment.

El Salvador on track to become the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender and to hold Bitcoin as a reserve asset.

The future is wide open.

@JackMallers is a legend.

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If you are a new Bitcoin HODLer, listen to this episode.

I agree with every single point.

Always amazed at how transparent our little kiddie pool market is sometimes.
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This week, @PrestonPysh is joined by @100trillionUSD & @adam3us. They talk about current market conditions, the Chinese mining migration to the West, the global macro implications of a trillion-dollar Bitcoin market drop of 50%, & much more!


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Want to help accelerate the global upgrade to better money?


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More effective: Buying guns and ammo when your enemy has drones and nukes OR stealing value from them behind their backs while they effectively defund themselves and their ability to pay for defense and enforcement?

A couple podcasts I just listened to and highly recommend. Both about super interesting projects that will help grow and bitcoiners prosper:

SLP278 Matt Odell & Ben Price – OpenSats: Bitcoin & Open Source Initiative:


And the ticket goes to.... @hodlwave ! Thanks for contributing PRs to diybitcoinhardware/f469-disco and cryptoadvance/specter-desktop, and various issues and comments for other related projects!

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Looking to give away a general admit ticket for @TheBitcoinConf to anyone who's made a PR or review comment for any related project. DM me your github (or other) info

Laszlo Hanyecz today we honor your sacrifice and contribution to bitcoin culture!

This system could be a great fit for off grid nodes. I appreciate that they're planning to use a centrally managed satellite access token and NOT creating a new (pointless) cyrpto currency. Would love to see a secondary market develop where you could buy these tokens with .

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When everyone is forced to be risk managers, they invest in things like Hertz, Gamestop and Dogecoin.

The solution isn't to regulate the ridiculous investments, it's to have a better money so they're not forced to take risk to keep it.

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