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Wanna learn how DLC’s is going to bring to ? Join us this Thursday at 7pm PT! Make sure to RSVP below in the meetup link below.

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Recording of the BitDevsLA video conference where I discuss the recently discovered /PSBT vulnerability in (CVE-2020-14199)

PSA for anyone doing android development on Linux.. avoid the "darcula" theme.. completely breaks android studio 4.0:

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Zoom to exclude free calls from end-to-end encryption to allow FBI cooperation

Privacy advocates are concerned, saying basic security shouldn’t be a paid feature left open for the possibility of working with law enforcement

Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, has announced it will provide end-to-end encryption after facing a litany of privacy and security concerns – but only to users who pay for it.

Eric (...)

Looks like the Surveillance State is alive and well in Los Angeles county..visitors and locals beware!

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Lightning is now a multi-lane highway with Multi-Path Payments!🛣️

Today we're releasing a post on MPP, a new feature in lnd that allows users to send a payment in multiple parts, enabling efficient routing, lower fees, and better privacy.

Read more here:

@christinabahk no major shortages yet in Los Angeles.. only things I have problems getting are paper goods and bread yeast (for pizza dough :-)

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@christinabahk I haven't gotten into ham, the licencing and all that doesn't seem worth it. I've looked into LoRA a little and it looks interesting but very early and about the same range as gotenna.

@christinabahk I live in a some what dense part of LA and was only able to get a ping up to a couple blocks from home. Open unobstructed areas are supposed to get better range. Also if I had any neighbors to mesh with my range could be alot better.

@christinabahk Yup I have a pair but I haven't used except to do some range tests. I am planning to hook one up to my new rockpro64 full node and see if I can do something cool with it there.

@christinabahk thanks for the tip I'll let him know.. any suggestions on better alternatives?

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