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🚨 BDK 0.22 is here! 🚨

Starting with some big news: we now support hardware wallets on desktop! How cool is that?! 💣

We have a tutorial on our blog if you want to try it out:

have you seen this @nvk ? a rust coldcard library and cli tool with ckbunker like functionality:

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📢 Release 0.20.0 is out! Highlights include bug fixes for ElectrumBlockchain and descriptor templates, discourage fee sniping in tx building, and new tx signing options. A big thanks to our past and latest new contributors. See thread for code examples 🧵👇

Here's an interesting conversation with @tnballo about creating high assurance software with . I'm looking forward to checking out his (open source) book:

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Adam “Waxwing” Gibson posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list a proposal for an anti-sybil mechanism that uses the Bitcoin UTXO set and which can provide reasonably good privacy. A user can generate a list of UTXOs where one of the UTXOs belongs to the user and the rest belong to other users...

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Late but worth it! bdk 0.19.0 brings experimental taproot 🥕🥕🥕 support including tr() descriptors, taproot PSBTs, signing key and script spend taproot PSBTs, and tr() in descriptor! macros. Plus new OldestFirstCoinSelection, a sqlite-db fix, and more, see:

📢 A new `bdk-cli` 0.5.0 release is out with dependency bumps for `bdk` and corresponding `bdk-reserves` to version 0.18. Also check out the new "Resources" section in the README with link to help you get started with bdk-cli.

@arbedout @bitcoindevkit Thanks for the RT, the team did a great job, here are some links to their demo video and github repo. 😄

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RT @notmandatory
Congrats to the @USCViterbi CSCI401 students this semester who to create a @bitcoindevkit based stateless multisig coordinator server, well done! 🧑‍🎓🚀Presentation:

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Forum post by Hal Finney in 2011.

Bitcoin continues to only grow stronger.

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📢 BDK 0.18.0 is out and contains an important security update, improvements to the key generation traits, new wallet functions, and new sqlite-bundled feature. See release notes:

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🚨 Security Advisory: Miniscript MINIMALIF Bug. A bug was found and fixed in the latest versions of rust-miniscript and the bdk library has upgraded to a fixed version in our latest release 0.18.0. Please see @afilini blog post for details:

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SLP360 @giacomozucco Can be both hard money and dark money?

Giacomo and I chat:
- Bitcoin as both hard + dark money
- can compliance bros kill bitcoin?
- why 'just use monero' isn't enough
- NgU
- creating minority chain soft forks

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📢 BDK 0.17.0 is finally out! This release changes the wallet sync API and makes verification logic enabled by a feature. It also adds functions to get an internal address and to load and cache addresses for offline wallets. See release notes:

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📢 The first release of `bdk-cli` for 2022 is finally out! A notable new `reserve` feature enables proof of reserves commands provided by the `bdk-reserves` crate. Other changes include replacing the wallet bump_fee command --send_all with the new --shrink option, automatically deriving the wallet name from the descriptor (if no name is provided), and a new cookie authentication option for the rpc blochchain backend.

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👶 The first release of 2022, bdk 0.16.0 is out! This one includes more under the hood changes; disable reqwest default TLS feature, use the dust value from rust-bitcoin, and fix the network format for generated WIFs.

@nvk somehow that author was able to write a whole article about “price controls” but no where bring up its corollary “rationing”. Willfully ignorant or maliciously deceptive? Id guess that later.

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