A couple podcasts I just listened to and highly recommend. Both about super interesting projects that will help grow and bitcoiners prosper:

SLP278 Matt Odell & Ben Price – OpenSats: Bitcoin & Open Source Initiative:


And the ticket goes to.... @hodlwave ! Thanks for contributing PRs to diybitcoinhardware/f469-disco and cryptoadvance/specter-desktop, and various issues and comments for other related projects!

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Looking to give away a general admit ticket for @TheBitcoinConf to anyone who's made a PR or review comment for any related project. DM me your github (or other) info

This system could be a great fit for off grid nodes. I appreciate that they're planning to use a centrally managed satellite access token and NOT creating a new (pointless) cyrpto currency. Would love to see a secondary market develop where you could buy these tokens with .


Ben Hunt’s essay is worth a listen or read. I think is more than just art, but otherwise @epsilontheory makes a compelling argument for more and better self custodial .



The next BitDevsLA virtual Socratic Seminar is tonight at 7pm PT! We'll also be joined by @BitcoinBroski from @compass_mining to talk about mining.

Most of the Socratic section will be about taproot activation so join us if you have questions or answers to share! 🥕

RSVP below! 👇


Just published a new blog post with @thunderB on how to use the @bitcoindevkit to create and spend from a descriptor based wallet using two different spending policies. Check it out! bitcoindevkit.org/blog/2021/02

Munger's views on are only dumb, his views on freedom and totalitarianism are disgusting.

See 46:26 below


Full quote in the thread for the record.

Way to go @afilini and @rcasatta ! (experimental) compact block filter testnet full sync in ~31 mins, no electrum or esplora server needed, works with a shiny new core 0.21.0 node github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/p

Finally updated my little full node to core `0.21.0`! also verified my system is property patched against the recent `sudo` CVE 😬


@rcasatta just published a super interesting article "Fee estimation for light-clients", I'm really looking forward to see where he goes with it!

BitDevsLA Socratic Seminar #17 is tonight 7PM PST! @Danielabrozzoni from @braiins will be breaking down
mining and stratum v2.

More info and Meetup RSVP link below! 👇👇👇


Putting my covid19 "social distancing" time to good use and building a new full node! notmandatory.org/rockpro64-pt1

Another great article from @willcl_ark on the work global mesh labs is doing to marry mesh networks with /lightning payments bit.ly/38tTiti

For anyone interested in and networks check out @stephanlivera 's excellent interview with @remyers about the proposed protocol


Some interesting stuff on formal code verification, I wonder if it can be applied some day to improve crypto libraries:


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