Coinbase must be using what ever price feed coinmarketcap was using 🤡
..quote "The current price is $48,403.68 per BTC. Bitcoin is 100.00% below the all time high of $887,377,113,476.79."

Anyone know why yahoo is reporting the BTC price ~$16K less than everyone else?

Today I had my first look at the (inevitable) future of (gov mandated) minimum wage workers… CPK, California, USA

Laszlo Hanyecz today we honor your sacrifice and contribution to bitcoin culture!

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In good news today, my bechmarks finally finished: @pwuille's updates to libsecp256k1 look to have sped up Bitcoin Core's validation by roughly 7%.

I attended a US naturalization ceremony today in the plaza of our county federal building... the motif of the surrounding relief and men's central jail as a background were disturbing but seem somehow appropriate 🤨

Bullish Dimsum tonight .. 2 hour wait and around 25 people waiting ! 🧧📈🐂

Had to drive an hour south to a different county to escape lockdown and have a meal out... but worth it!

This is how I closed my Coinbase account with some unwithdrawable dust balances... opened a support ticket and told them to keep the lousy 0.11 cents. Something I should have done years ago.

Sign on tram in Prague, means "against anarchy" in Czech? Tram was also my ride this weekend to and Cryptoanarchy Institute :-D

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