I think I'm going to use this isolation time to re-build some of my local BTC infrastructure. Short list:
- Update lnd to latest version, and set it up to run tor-only
- Update bitcoin-core to run tor-only as well (seems slightly less critical than lnd-over-tor though)
- Update a couple of the simple scripts I use to account for the changes above (I think that will be minimal work though)

- Set up BTC pay server, and build a simple BTC-only webshop that runs in parallel with my business's normal webshop. (this is a much bigger job than the others!)
- Recover the couple thousand satoshis I sent to a hardware wallet a year+ ago, but then couldn't recover due to a mistake concerning derivation paths and PSBT files - I think the tools exist to fix this more easily now.
- Try playing with JoinMarket

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@htimsxela 2 first are no-brainer, it's easy and definitely necessary, 4th is quite easy too actually, I created my btcpay server a year and half ago and it was already easy, they probably made progress. JoinMarket is definitely interesting, but a bit unfriendly at first, I experimented with it before but I've been planning to go back to it, let me know if maybe I can help

@htimsxela Actually all this shouldn't keep you busy more than a day, maybe 2 if you are as slow as I am 😂
I don't know where you live and how long you are expected to stay home, but you might try something more ambitious, like setting up a mesh network (I'm very interested by this, but can't take the time to dive into it)


@Sosthene @htimsxela a mesh network is also on my growing Todo list for "social distancing" time at home . Which tech are you exploring? I have some devices but also interested in wifi based solutions like

@notmandatory @htimsxela I've not even started exploring any particular tech. I've heard about gotenna so I would probably begin with that, and I remember a friend told me about something else but it was a while ago I forgot the name. Iirc it was open source, while gotenna is (at least partly) closed source

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