Anyone else planning to go to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference this summer in SF? looks like an interesting lineup


I heard it's the guy who owns Bitcoin magazine (Bailey) trying to 'reunite' Bitcoiners (i.e. the CEOs and cronies who attacked it to get their way). And lol, good luck getting Brian to give a shit about Bitcoin.

@waxwing @notmandatory
From their homepage:

"...From the biggest miners and most active core devs to Fortune 500 companies and darknet markets..."

Oh? And who is the sacrificial lamb that is being sent to represent darknet markets? ha

@htimsxela @notmandatory

Hey dont let me put anyone off; maybe it's great, i just heard what i mentioned, and that part is not helpful imo. But I know little about it.

@waxwing @htimsxela I'm still planning to check it out.. I haven't been to a Bitcoin focused conference since the EU Bitcoin Conference 2013 in Amsterdam so I'm overdue ;-)

@waxwing ah thanks good to know ! I was just happy to see a nearby conference about Bitcoin rather than "blockchain" or other such crap

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