Sounds like an interesting topic for the next SoHo forum:

"Governments of the advanced industrial economies should phase out the use of paper money in the form of large-denomination notes and sharply restrict the use of cryptocurrencies."

Wish I was in NY so I could attend:

Ah, Reason magazine. The home for Fed loving-excusing "libertarians", because something Friedman said once.

@hiyitopatada I'm sure there are plenty of folks at Reason who fit your description but I still applaud @reason for organizing a debate like this to challenge the mainstream media's anti-crypto, pro-government surveillance narrative


Agree on that.

Cashless society is a poison. Bitcoin the antidote.


The problem with most economists is they're econ academics.

Similar to the business prof, who never ran a business.

Or the screenwriting prof, who never sold a screenplay or worked in Hollywood.

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