let this be a warning to anyone who invites me to speak on their podcast

@nic to their credit the Stewards of Gondor did fight back against the armies of Mordor for many generations before finally succumbing to it's corruption.. but of course in the end the One Ring (née Fiat) does need to be destroyed (and the Stewards removed)

@notmandatory my other LOTR metaphor is that the one ring is seignorage, and no mortal man can resist its allure. hence why we have premines and ICOs. the siren song is too seductive.


@nic absolutely, any form of seignorage (not just fiat) makes sense as the one ring... all powerful, irresistible, and destructive. The bright side being that if it's power can be broken we should all find more freedom in middle earth. 😉

I also like to think of Satoshi as the powerful wizard who set the adventurers on their quest.. and the rest of us as the humble Hobbits who will shape the fortunes of all.

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