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Hi, just realised I never answered this.

Since most material put out in public is either analysis companies and exchanges trying to prove they're on top of tracing bitcoin (they aren't), there's little or nothing on why it doesn't work, except people like me, chris etc explaining it (and there's almost zero amplification of that signal). One recent case was instructive, see point 5 under "Real life example - The QuadrigaCX exchange wallet analysis" on

A great deep dive from @nic on assurances. I appreciate his focus on the current weaknesses in the area of on and off ramps:

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In many cases I think mobile wallets are a reasonable mix of easy UX and security (as long as your phone isn’t rooted, etc). For larger amounts, or power users, they aren’t great, but at least they’re easy enough to use for newbies. Some of them allow you to connect to your own node, so at least you have some privacy there.

Unfortunately, no mobile wallet is fully featured, at least on iOS. UTXO selection, manual fee selection, would be nice.

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Things you got wrong about Bitcoin, an occasional series.


"Bitcoin was supposed to replace banks".

No. The genesis block newspaper headline is not a critique of the idea of a bank. It's a critique (assuming it's not just a random chance/joke) of the *interaction of central banking with the financial system*. Bitcoin is a digital currency and a bearer asset. It might improve or alter the mechanisms of debt and trust between counterparties, but it doesn't remove them.

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Does anyone have any paper or document that elaborates on the fact that blockchain analysis are not to be considered reliable?

I am consulting the Italian government for a "blockchain national strategy", and I wanted to pick the occasion to highly the fact that no one should ever be incriminated on the basis of blockchain analysis

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The NSA has allegedly stopped its program of collecting and snooping on Americans' phone records. Does that mean @Snowden can finally come home?

Just discovered this cool list, great for any of you bitcoin hackers looking for a job, or remote bitcoin companies looking to hire:

Somehow I missed this.. but a couple weeks ago @schildbach merge bitcoinj 0.15, this is a big deal as it includes segwit support, good job to Andreas and all the other contributors!

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What's the most compact conceivable way to send a bitcoin transaction? (thinking like over radio). just some thoughts, sure it can be better:

This is how I closed my Coinbase account with some unwithdrawable dust balances... opened a support ticket and told them to keep the lousy 0.11 cents. Something I should have done years ago.

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The Bitcoin 5th column is real, and growing. Like deep cover Soviet moles but loyal to the ideals of a global individualist movement, not a socialist one.

We collect a regular paycheck, but watch the growing value of Bitcoin with more than idle interest. We might fit in as loyal corporate workers, but are secretly working to overthrow the economic system that allows the bourgeois management class to rule. Our manifestos come from Tim May and Eric Hughes. Builders of the world, unite!

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Looking for people to help test a beta version of we're working. Here's an example it in action:

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For those that missed it.. @nvk bounced a BTC private key off the ionosphere using HF radio.

Anyone else planning to go to the Bitcoin 2019 Conference this summer in SF? looks like an interesting lineup

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