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馃毃 bdk v0.14.0 is hot off the press! Notable improvements include a new method on TxBuilder to embed data in a transaction via OP_RETURN and updating the Database trait to store the last sync timestamp and block height. And finally we have updated our integration test framework to verify support for sending to Taproot addresses 馃 !

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Wanna know how @afilini created the first taproot 馃 `OP_CHECKSIGADD` transaction? Here's his writeup for you!

In this first part he talks about the changes he made to `rust-bitcoin` and `rust-miniscript`, the next one will focus on @bitcoindevkit itself

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馃毃 bdk v0.13.0 is now out (this toot is a little late, was released on Oct 28) and adds new the Wallet::get_tx() function which returns a single transactions made and received by the wallet. It also includes dependency updates to fix recent build and audit issues.

Anyone else use an Eero mesh router with the "Advanced Security" and "Ad Blocking" enabled? I've noticed this week it's blocked two 100% legit bitcoin related websites.
PS. yes I know I shouldn't use a corp controlled wireless mesh and secure gateway.. but to suggestions on better DIY solutions.

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Joinmarket v0.9.3 is released, it is important for makers to upgrade, as it fixes a bug where they could lose dusty amounts! See release notes first section for details.

Please spread this so makers update ASAP, thanks!

#bitcoin #coinjoin #joinmarket

Today I had my first look at the (inevitable) future of (gov mandated) minimum wage workers鈥 CPK, California, USA

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馃毃 Time for another BDK release: v0.12.0 adds support for SOCKS5 proxies in the `EsploraBlockchain` client and a new optional `sqlite` Database feature.

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New version of Joinmarket, 0.9.2 :

Corrects an error in Qt where fidelity bonds were not preferred for takers like in CLI, and new IRC, and new opt-in rbf for ordinary spends. Please share as you see fit.

#joinmarket #coinjoin #bitcoin

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electrs v0.9.0 is now released 馃帀
Many thanks to all the contributors, reviewers and testers - much appreciated!

- Index DB uses ~60% less storage
- Faster incremental sync
- Electrum RPC batching support
- And a great new logo :)

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Do you work on Open Source bitcoin projects?

Do you need a hardware wallet for your work?

If you do, just email [email protected] with a link to your GitHub commits and we will send you one if you qualify.

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Inflation is a quiet but effective way for the government to transfer resources from the people to itself, without raising taxes.

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If mishandles , don鈥檛 be surprised if tells us we need to rescue , to prevent contagion spreading from there to and global markets. A rescue would be both a strategic mistake and a moral failure鈥攁s well as unlikely to succeed.

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v0.9.0 - Support for Bitcoin Core backends, more sanity checks and bugfixes.

v0.10.0 - Adds AnyBlockchain support for the Bitcoin Core RPC blockchain client, a new ureq based esplora blockchain client feature, and improved wallet drain_to support.

v0.11.0 - Adds the flush function to the Database trait to explicitly flush to disk the latest changes on the db that caches blockchain data.

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馃毃 We have been remiss in announcing our regularly scheduled (~6 week) BDK releases! here's a catch-up toot thread so you know what you've been missing since our last tweet about 0.6.0:

v0.7.0 - Improved APIs, a more robust signing process and various bugfixes and improvements.

v0.8.0 - New APIs and other minor bugfixes and internal improvements.

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PSA - A hacker is selling 30 million social security numbers & driver licenses of T-mobile customers.

Bitcoiners using T-Mobile are at risk of being SIM swapped. Hold your in cold storage. 馃憦

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Today I created a regtest bitcoind P2TR descriptor based wallet and spent from it to a legacy wallet. The gist is below for anyone who want's to try it. I built a `bitcoind` docker image and used `bdk-cli` to generate my test xprv but the gist should also work if you build your own `bitcoind` and `bitcoin-cli` as long as you're on the bitcoin v22.0rc2 tag:

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SLP292 @achow101 Output Script Descriptors for

Andrew and I chat:
- seeds
- sometimes you need more than just keys
- industry approach vs Core approach
- backups
- output descriptors approach
- lightning
- taproot
- miniscript

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So far, we've collected 13 responses regarding support for sending to Bech32m addresses.

Bitcoin Core, C-Lightning, Electrum, LDK, Sparrow Wallet

Armory, BitGo, BTCPay, NBitcoin, River, Rust Bitcoin, Trezor, Wasabi

Full table:

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