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πŸ‘Ά The first release of 2022, bdk 0.16.0 is out! This one includes more under the hood changes; disable reqwest default TLS feature, use the dust value from rust-bitcoin, and fix the network format for generated WIFs.

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🚨 bdk 0.15.0 is now out just in time for Christmas πŸŽ„ ! Most of the changes are under the hood, primarily a restructure of the electrum/esplora sync logic.

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Just published: Schnorr Basics.

* How Schnorr signatures work
* Why use a nonce?
* Why is the nonce private?
* Why is nonce reuse bad?

Thoroughly unreviewed by experts, please comment with corrections.

Coinbase must be using what ever price feed coinmarketcap was using 🀑
..quote "The current price is $48,403.68 per BTC. Bitcoin is 100.00% below the all time high of $887,377,113,476.79."

Anyone know why yahoo is reporting the BTC price ~$16K less than everyone else?

πŸ“’ @raj and @conorokus are doing a twitch stream right now showing how to use @bitcoindevkit with a core node / RPC backend for block data.

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RT @sthenc
This book from 1997 predicts nations will get desperate for funding as tech like the internet and digital money make it easier for citizens to protect their savings.

They suggest states may even create excuses to limit taxpayer mobility, such as a global pandemic.

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🚨 bdk v0.14.0 is hot off the press! Notable improvements include a new method on TxBuilder to embed data in a transaction via OP_RETURN and updating the Database trait to store the last sync timestamp and block height. And finally we have updated our integration test framework to verify support for sending to Taproot addresses πŸ₯• !

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Wanna know how @afilini created the first taproot πŸ₯• `OP_CHECKSIGADD` transaction? Here's his writeup for you!

In this first part he talks about the changes he made to `rust-bitcoin` and `rust-miniscript`, the next one will focus on @bitcoindevkit itself

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🚨 bdk v0.13.0 is now out (this toot is a little late, was released on Oct 28) and adds new the Wallet::get_tx() function which returns a single transactions made and received by the wallet. It also includes dependency updates to fix recent build and audit issues.

Anyone else use an Eero mesh router with the "Advanced Security" and "Ad Blocking" enabled? I've noticed this week it's blocked two 100% legit bitcoin related websites.
PS. yes I know I shouldn't use a corp controlled wireless mesh and secure gateway.. but to suggestions on better DIY solutions.

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Joinmarket v0.9.3 is released, it is important for makers to upgrade, as it fixes a bug where they could lose dusty amounts! See release notes first section for details.

Please spread this so makers update ASAP, thanks!

#bitcoin #coinjoin #joinmarket

Today I had my first look at the (inevitable) future of (gov mandated) minimum wage workers… CPK, California, USA

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🚨 Time for another BDK release: v0.12.0 adds support for SOCKS5 proxies in the `EsploraBlockchain` client and a new optional `sqlite` Database feature.

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New version of Joinmarket, 0.9.2 :

Corrects an error in Qt where fidelity bonds were not preferred for takers like in CLI, and new IRC, and new opt-in rbf for ordinary spends. Please share as you see fit.

#joinmarket #coinjoin #bitcoin

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RT @roman_zeyde
electrs v0.9.0 is now released πŸŽ‰
Many thanks to all the contributors, reviewers and testers - much appreciated!

- Index DB uses ~60% less storage
- Faster incremental sync
- Electrum RPC batching support
- And a great new logo :)

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