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Maybe I'll start doing a 'featured lightning node' set of posts. Do you think that would be valuable? I'll start with:

023[email protected]

This is Andreas' node for his .com, it has 157 channels connecting 149 nodes, fees slightly high (5 sat base, .0005 rate on most), min channel size = 20,000 sat, solid peer. Channel size recommendation = 300,000 sat @ 50/50

Governments starting to convert to bitcoin (on a local level).

When it has a larger cap, we will see federal governments start to notice and buy in too.

Happy Low fees day!

Open new lightning channels, consolidate your coins, etc

Interesting service that creates a long or short when someone else tweets 😂

Interested in building on Lightning? ⚡

We just put up new dev docs for LND and have more videos and tutorials coming soon!

Home ownership is not what you think it is. That house you "own" isn't really yours. You pay property tax, remember? And if you stop paying that tax the government strips the home from you and offers it to someone else. That's no different than paying rent.

Bitcoin is a little different. As long as you keep your key a secret, no one can take it from you. Like your own flesh, the best someone can do is destroy you. They can never steal it from you.

For those in Thailand, specifically Koh Phangan.

We're doing a spinoff of the full moon party and calling it the Crypto Moon Networking event (because Crypto is mooning, get it).

It will be held on the same date coinciding with the full moon.

Come to the island if you can and don't live in an orange or red province as there is no time for you to serve quarantine.

Details: (CM/KPG Bitcoin telegram) (KPG Crypto chat)

bitcoind docker images are now released for v0.21.0

As always, completely reproducible & trivially multi-architecture: Provided for: amd64, arm64, and arm32v7

A few bitcoin instances have popped up (the OG) (hi) (by @eatoutfrom5lbs)

Decentralizing the bitcoin ecosystem means a healthier ecosystem overall

Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 was released today and includes:
- Descriptor wallets
- Compact block filters over P2P network
- Fewer rebroadcast attempts
- Tor V3 support
- Schnorr/Taproot code

Who better than @AaronvanW to explain this in plain English? 👏

List of twitter and rss bots (including ZeroHedge, and also Peter Schiff's tweets)

They're going to have a similar headline in two weeks when Bitcoin crashes to 45K.

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