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Thailand needs something other than tourism I guess.

Getting into the bitcoin space might be the ticket out of this, while focusing on high end tourism.

is about wealth and not staying poor (and having fun)


1 sat per vbyte transactions going through :D

Open those LN channels

Fiat is the currency of force.
Bitcoin is the currency of choice.

iPhone users you can now use Fully Noded with LND as well. Pair with the lndconnect QRcode, just like you do with @ZeusLN
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1/ ⚡️⚡️⚡️Fully Noded v0.2.18 released!

FN now works with your LND node!

Scan the Tor lndconnect QR code to connect.

Fund c-lightning channels direct from FN wallet (LND soon).

Close channels to FN wallet for both LND and c-lightning!

If they need actors to market a vaccine... makes you think if this whole thing is a new security theater or not

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