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Bitcoiners are the equivalent of Linux people in the 90s.

Smart, maybe a little eccentric / socially awkward.

Bitcoin is inevitable like Linux, which faced a lot of resistance from Microsoft. Only this time, we are up against nation states / banks / the cabal.

It will be a revolution on epic proportions.

Fiat and the normalization of a fiat life created a generation of people who are not hungry to work.

Pizza, video games, porn and parents basement.

Thats why crypto is a cancer

"Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction" -Timothy 6:9


Doge is 2X $LUNA.

Congratulations . . . I guess.

Buy withdraw to COLDCARD.

Exchanges will break your heart.
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I can easily see an exchange bankruptcy/rug pull in the next 6 months.

Get your off the exchanges

Here are some highlights of whats new on COLDCARD MK4.

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@openoms @ln_vpn I pondered with the idea to offer my guide as a service. Instead of expecting node runners to operate the server, clients can sign up and pay a fraction of the VPS costs / month.

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@openoms @Boltzhq Become your own self-hosted swap provider. No coordinator, no rent collector. CLN and LND supported right now, soon Eclair.

Follow @PeerswapLN for announcements. Join us in Discord chat.

While shitcoins halt block production and 'prepare for a restart', Bitcoin works based on decentralised coordination.

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