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Interesting that is a mastodon instance.

If you're following me also follow

#broke - bitcoin will make me rich
#woke - bitcoin will make me free

Appreciate the work that some Indian cryptopreneurs are doing to fight the good fight.

And also Binance.

Binance adds fiat support to buy crypto using Indian Rupee - Decrypt

Interesting that is a mastodon instance.

If you're following me also follow

Make bitcoin private again!

Lets improve TOR LND Liquidity.

Appreciate incoming channels (happy to open one back!)


the final remnants of the shitcoin masternodes of mine are now supporting the bitcoin lightning network

Happy 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f all!

LNCM enables first retail Lightning ⚡Network payment in 🌏South East Asia!

We'll let everyone easily accept LN payments in 2019.

100% open-source on affordable hardware.

Need someone to test out the tor link on my LND node. Channels welcome

032[email protected]hpgafshrrwx2pes2.onion:9735

Supposedly 1 sat / byte fees are supposed to take 24 hours according to the @coiny bot but I got included in the next block.

Guess today was my lucky day

Never been more excited for the developments in the bitcoin space:

- Blockstream satellite launch (access to the blockchain for anyone on the planet. True financial independance)
- Lightning network
- Rootstock (Solidity contracts on the bitcoin blockchain)
- Lots of scalibility stuff coming

For the iOS users who want to use lightning...

Check out zapconnect (

You need to run LND but theres several open source projects out there you can build them on a raspberry PI. Or you can just pay for a CASA node

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