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Ok, is now backed up every second day¹. The only thing not fully prime-time ready yet is the mail server (low rep, marked as spam). But since registration is with approval only (you better be a zoomer 😜) that's ok, I can manually confirm the email with 1 more click. So join if you want @nikcantmine, @xyse, @afilini

¹Damn these media files are big … otherwise I'd do it more often, maybe I'll write something to deduplicate the data.

You can’t comprise nature’s protocols and that pisses off politicians who would love to abuse it.

Why is bitcoin rising in price I thought CNN declared we were back in a bear market?

What society is missing from today is a strong fundamental layer of people with strong beliefs, order, ethics and morals.

Civilization is currently backwards and crumbling as we speak. Has been all my life.

But bitcoin fixes this.

Future is looking bright, but only if you’re on team orange.

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The 2ed amendment is about the right AND ability to overthrow a tyrannical government when necessary.

That is as legitimate today as it was back then. And always will be.

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I refuse to delete this tweet. So I’m off twitter for 12. 🤷‍♂️

Go like that shit lmfao

Don’t wait until it’s too late and they do it to you. Take your fiat out and put it into bitcoin where it’s safe.

Those who win write what happened in the history books.

Bitcoiners will win and expose all the bullshit.

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“World’s Largest” Darknet Marketplace Has Been Shut Down.

"Customers could buy what they pleased from any of the 2,400-plus vendors on the marketplace by paying with the censorship-resistant currency bitcoin."

@nikcantmine covers the story:

The worlds largest dark net market that used ~4,650 bitcoin was taken down, but bitcoins censorship resistant qualities show the importance of being able to buy anything even if it’s deemed “illegal”.

Check out my write up of it here:

The left is using social media as a weapon. Fuck em!

Was this a fucking attack on me? My tweet had nothing to do with this and I blocked him. I see this as an attack with all the shit going on with the patriot act expanding and allowing the FBI to spy on people’s social media to “stop domestic terrorism”. Was this guy trying to fucking set me up? No idea who he is, he has like no followers and nobody I know follows him. His tweets were all anti trump tho from what I remember.

They’re making conservative speech illegal. Get ready everyone.

It’s already illegal in Canada. This will only get worse. Gets off platforms that don’t support you.

Imagine how much of a fucking loser you have to be to be like this

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Scrolling through my mastodon timeline I haven’t seen one commie or shitcoiner. I could get use to this!

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