Some early Bitcoiners got into Bitcoin for perverse or self serving reasons or because they completely misunderstood the protocol. Being early should confer no automatic credibility

@nicstheses I was attracted to BTC because I saw NGU in Dec 2017, so I bought in. Also bought a little LTC and XRP (have mercy on my soul). Had read "road to serfdom" in 2002 and always struck a chord. Shit finally came together in 2018 when I read Bitcoin Standard - immediately purged all shitcoins, as well as my silver and gold. Have been buying BTC every since. I show deference to the OG's but have definitely heard them say some stupid shit.

@nicstheses noone fully understands bitcoin even today. And there are infinitely more resources, discussions, smart people bouncing thoughts back and forth then it was back then. No wonder many early adopters’ bags did not survive to this day. Blaming early adopters for not understanding bitcoin is like blaming ancient romans for not understanding quantum mechanics. However I agree, no automatic credibility should be given to anyone anytime

@nicstheses self serving is bad? NgU good tho? Savings good?

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