Amazing how people still believe that when they put their money in the bank, that it still belongs to them. It doesn't, once you pay it in, it is the property of the banks.

Swap any spare FIAT you have for Btc, you know it makes sense. Banks are cracking down on Venezulans and threatening to close accounts. We shall see more and more of this.


FIAT money held in a bank is nothing more than an IOU...

@Strong_Hands_HODL @nickcook
Well , it says "IOU" right on the bills.
"Federal Reserve Note".
The "note" portion of that refers to a "debt note" payable by the the US .gov, to the Federal Reserve, because each dollar we have is borrowed into existence, from the Federal Reserve - which is a bunch of private European mostly, bankers.

@Strong_Hands_HODL @nickcook
This is one of the reasons the CIA and others killed Kennedy. He was about to have the US start printing and backing it's own money again, bypassing the "Federal Reserve" - which we have not done since before 1913. The bankers got pissed and assassinated him.

@mydogisahusky @Strong_Hands_HODL FIAT The biggest scam in history. To create money out of thin air, and then to charge interest on it, should be a crime. And yet no government, in any country every tries to change it. I guess Kennedy was a clear sign of what happens if you try to change the 'System'. As George Carlin said .....


I'm just wondering that there are still ppl in the audience laughing!

It should be that quiet - because it _is_ that obvious that they ALL R GETTING FUCKED - that you should here a pin fall to the ground!

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