If we had to persuade the normies that Bitcoin is good and they should start stacking sats we would be so fucked lol

Seriously considering moving to Texas, Florida or Wyoming. I'm not an American, but I'm a software engineer with a shitton of experience, mostly web last 20 years. Looking for job opportunities that will help me move currently, will appreciate any hints, resources etc. Have experience coding on top of and Lightning Network, ideal job would be in that area of course.

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3.5 hours of amazing deep conversation on the problems that began (or culminated) in 1971 and the solutions, -- which is, of course,

Highly recommend this deep dive with @breedlove22 -- just watched it in 1 go and daaaaaamn. so good.


This sounds to me as a very reasonable prediction for the near future, when the Central Bankers realize they have to fight for survival. I don't quite understand how Bitcoin can survive this attack... something to do with `invalidateBlock` I guess, but I don't quite see how it would work in details... are there any good reading materials on this sort of attack? (basically 51% but hardcore) joekelly100.medium.com/how-to-

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