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@georgevaccaro lot of people thought I would get steamrolled in the mike green debate

maybe people will stop underestimating me now.

@pete fair enough. spend 30 min on the phone with a journalist explaining how bitcoin settlement works. probabilistic settlement is still a mystery to these people.

@pete peter, wouldn't you say double spend requires that a merchant was actually defrauded? no one accepted the deposit and credited the entity with the additional funds here.

unlike the okpay double spend in 2013 which really was a double spend.

@pat hit me up in 8 months and I'll give you a progress update. I have the first page down. that's also the easiest 😅

if I can learn liszt's liebestraum this year I will be very happy. one of the most beautiful piano songs ever

@pete we're investors in DUST which does a similar thing at a much smaller scale with post-industrial diamond particles

the real "tether guys" if you want to ask people that actually use it - cms holdings, 3ac, and alameda. ask them!

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@MattMaiuri its like a culture magazine for educated east coast liberals.

@lylepratt he should watch the coppola debate and see that im very gracious and patient with these (very wrong) people.

@lylepratt so far he's been snippy in DMs so im not sure we're even going to get to a debate

i'm not "the tether guy". i have no desire to be "the tether guy". stop representing me as someone who can defend tether.

i have an allegiance to truth, which means that I have a set of facts that defang critiques of tether, but I am not the tether guy.

im cracking up at the comments here

sometimes I forget how early we are, or how little the general public understands about bitcoin.

I always solve this problem by just sending people bitcoin

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