the literature Bitcoiners produce is one of its greatest strengths. it's just astoundingly good.

decided today that I will write a book about Bitcoin. it has been a long time coming. but it's my duty.

man Melik got banned on twitter. sad. anyone know how to get in touch with him?

update: i'm no less busy than i was before. this is a catastrophe

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I'm semi-retired from twitter. Really want to post passages from When Money Dies though. Lmfao

Don't waste your time or time will waste you

everything is happening precisely as it was meant to.

@tokenhash I saw man. at least we have this place

it's very important to understand that demons walk the face of this earth

1. buy bitcoin
2. write articles about bitcoin
3. talk about bitcoin on tv a lot
4. ???????
5. profit

@flexbit haha!

i was hinting at my fund announcement but that works too

some news coming monday

stop underestimating me

this is your last warning

@whiterabbit thanks man. def encouraging to see goldbugs and self-confessed nocoiners saying I changed their mind or softened their opinion of bitcoin.

my strategy was to compare bitcoin to gold. relentlessly. because that's grant williams' audience (goldbugs). I think it worked. if you like gold, bitcoin makes sense. similar properties.

@keith yeah I was definitely on the defensive virtually the entire time. that was basically the setup unfortunately. his critiques and me responding to them.

@TheBusinessCard it's not every day that your opponent in a debate openly wishes you were in jail.

I promise, I'm a very nice, law abiding person!

@sinor I actually didn't know his background before the debate, might not have engaged had I known lol. either way I dont care for credentialism. it's all about the soundness of your arguments.

bitcoin will win for the simple reason that it is supported by bitcoiners, the most ambitious, courageous, definite, optimistic, and sincere global interest group currently in operation.

I am so freakin grateful for Bitcoiners. You all support me so much. All my energy and strength comes from you!

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