am I really spending my friday night doing this sh*t ????

my 2020 in blogging (I also wrote 20ish pieces for coindesk but don't have stats on them). in case you're curious

In case you're curious about my 2019 in blogging. it was a good year, i'm really proud of some of these pieces. didn't have as many "hits"

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My year in blogging (a few pieces I wrote elsewhere not included, these are just on my personal medium)

just turned on local news for 5 minutes and they immediately jumped into a "Secret codes teens use while texting" segment.

no points for figuring out what "53X" stands for...

tfw you have the pleasure of informing central bankers of the pending obsoletion of their business model in the holy cathedral of fiat

Another way of visualizing the active money supply in Bitcoin. This counts as 'active' any output which moved in the last 12 months, including coingen outputs.

This is my shih tzu Penny, she got a haircut but she's still cute, right?

Same chart with 09/10 removed, so you can see the stranded coinbase outputs in later years. I know "virgin outputs" trade at a premium but I wonder if they can circulate without a chain impact. Fun to think about. Note how many are virgins in 2018!

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Here's a fun chart - UTXOs lying in unconsolidated coinbases by year. So this is coins that were mined and never moved. They are almost certainly not in circulation.

let this be a warning to anyone who invites me to speak on their podcast

(sorry for tooting my own horn)

I have figured out how to game medium into putting my pieces on the front page so I can educate normies

A while back I made a popular meme.

So then I went and made the meme real.

never send to know for whom the bitcoin's heart beats; it beats for thee

my article featured on the front page of

legacy news is obsolete

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