I am so freakin grateful for Bitcoiners. You all support me so much. All my energy and strength comes from you!

@nic more power to you Nic
you're doing fantastic work without ego. Kudos!

@nic You’re on fire 🙏🏼 🙌🏼🔥 has your latest dropped? I got an uncle that needs convincing

@nic you are doing great. And what a volume. So much stuff.👍

@nic just listened to that debate. it’s extremely rare that I listen to one where one side is so plainly salty and all over the place, throwing every possible fud against bitcoin but the kitchen sink, and the other side so calmly dismantles every single point in a way that doesn’t make, the listener, mad with rage about missed opportunities to retort. this was perfect. and it’s so encouraging to see how irrational and ill-informed even the most educated critics of bitcoin really are.

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