In case you missed it, my NYMag piece on Bitcoin, and what explains this rally. Nothing new in here, but my attempt at a complete explainer

@nic so good Nic. Appreciate having one of our own writing for main stream publications.

@MultiBitcoiner hoping I can leverage this into an FT column so I can go toe to toe with izy kaminska every week :D

@nic good job Nic. As usual the comments for the article are hilarious.

@nic My brother in law sent me your article just now....awesome! Been trying to get him in since 2017. I think you did it for him. Thanks

@nic You were great on Orange Pill podcast! Started listening to max and realized it was you on the podcast.

@nic laid it out very direct. Very simple and good. Title the next article " bitcoin, or your stupid" 🤠
Some people need an encouraging nudge.

@nic this is like 15 texts to my family over the last few months written eloquently. Maybe they’ll finally jump on the BTC train?

@nic Jeezus the ratio of dumb arse nocoiner trolls in the comments is off the charts 😂 😂 :bitcoin:

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