am I really spending my friday night doing this sh*t ????

@nic I just had a friend reach out to me and ask what was going on with tether. Seems like it might be needed :(

@nic but... muh coinlib and coinmarketcap data

@nic nah. Open curtains. Open doors. Step outside. Watch sky.

@nic didn't they say they will release about what there collateral is? That should answer question s?
Issue is holding btc there no? Raising collateral value through fiat only way to "print"

would it kill any of these places to put an edit...*their

@nic Nic your articles (especially Bitcoin Bites the Bullet and It's the Settlement Assurances, Stupid) are some of the best responses and sources to link to explain complex topics to folks. Your work is so valuable to the community, even if you hate doing it on a Friday night, know that it is not in vain!

@mrcoolbp thanks ben. I think those two are super underrated too lol.

Did you finish, “what the hell is going on”

@nic "Nothing. Have fun staying poor."


You're welcome, and I expect my royalties from your millions in conference speaking fees sent to Tortuga.

@nic Great! Been wanting to hear your take on this. Don't know what to make of it. Any quality write-ups on it to read now?

@nic @Lack That's surprising considering how many people seem convinced there's some kind of tether/bitcoin conspiracy.

@jgettbtc @Lack it's often not worth it for reputational reasons. tether fudsters try and totally nail bitcoiners that speak out

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