all of my favorite coiners are on here. mastodon feels cozy af

mayb I reveal my true thoughts on here?? I release shackles??

@nic "Nic, Unfiltered; a series of retrospective insights" exclusively on Mastodon

@drbitcoinmd @nic does he come riding in on an elephant in the documentary

@drbitcoinmd suit nic has no place on 'todon. real dissident poasting hours

@drbitcoinmd @nic this could get interesting. But as we say. What happens in bitcoinhackers. Stays in bitcoinhackers. Plebs do or die

@sportscliche amazingly a half dozen of those coins are still alive. crazy

@nic heard about this app from you. I expect nothing less than the shackles to be removed

@clockhoat just eating some cashews and writing a column (about deplatforming lol)

@nic Welcome to the reincarnation of 2008 Twitter.

@nic 100%

No shitcoiners. No trolls or scams. Just us Bitcoiners

@untappedgrowth @nic As somebody new to the space in the past 12 months I can say that interacting with bitcoin twitter really helped me gain conviction. Beginning to hate twitter but going into a corner away from billions of people could have its drawbacks.

@ndub1024 @nic agreed. But won't matter much when they ban us all and everyone dumps twitter anyways including our target audience. Lol

@nic we need one of those "here are accounts to follow" toots

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