the more I learn about SF angel/VC culture, tech investing, big tech cabals, the SF founder / pm loop, the more I think it's a degenerate manifestation of a late stage fiat gorgefest where money is cheap and failure is rewarded.

@nic predicting a Sodom & Gomorrah ending?🤔

@nic @Rejekts A startup with a business plan consistent with the divine will of Bitcoin should be an attractive investment for Bitcoin investors/HODLRs. No SF VC/shitcoiner required.

Returns come from building on strong foundation of Bitcoin, but also from increasing utility of holdings.

Possible candidates: HodlHodl, Bisq, Casa, Nodl, ColdCard, Blockstream. Any others? Maybe something in the loan space?

@PaulTroon @nic is in the loan business. I listened to podcasts interviewing them. It seems they appeal to earlier bitcoin adopters who have larger holdings. What is exciting about Bitcoin is despite fiat price, development in the ecosystem is booming. Fiat price be damned, Bitcoin seems to be divine providence 🙂

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