as bitcoin leaves its embryonic phase and enters a phase of maturity, the casual days are coming to an end. now the serious work begins... the time of martyrdom, pitched battle, and repression


the first wave of serious attacks (altcoins, fiatcoins, and corporatecoins) have failed. the next wave will likely be heavy regulation - via AML/KYC and collaborator, vichy-france-style exchanges (like coinbase) - and then full on criminalization

@nic seems like a good time to prototype solution in more overtly totalitarian countries like China, Venezuela, etc. so we're ready.

@nic Yep, from fork attacks to internal crises, now the real vectors lay along the lines of sovereign states and legacy financial concerns. Coinbase is a particular bastion of this, as you said. Plenty more race to run, and we're just getting started.

@nic I think an underrated attack vector will be propaganda along the lines of “its too complicated and complex” and highlighting the inherent security associated with software systems.

This propaganda will be targeted towards low tech savvy people and will be effective. I just don’t know when the central bankers will go about spreading it. I couldn’t even explain btc to a high school friend, and he was a conservative/pro small government. Bitcoin needs a tech savvy population to thrive.

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