I'm not on Gab, but Gab getting deplatformed from the web and payment services because some user posted noxious stuff on there and then killed people is insane. Every mass shooter also posted on facebook... are we gonna ban facebook too?

The public internet is at its lowest today.

It's insane to imply that Gab somehow 'caused' the radicalization of the pittsburgh shooter... every insane mass shooter has also used google, youtube, whatever. But that ridiculous standard is never applied to them. Because they represent the establishment.

@nic I agree, whatever happened to personal agency -- if someone does something horrible, why are the fingers pointing outward? I own my mistakes, my failures. I don't understand the mindset that excuses all rational logic and needs to find the "cause". The cause was the twisted bastard that committed the crime.

@TallTim not a fan of gab but before that it was 4/8chan. before that it was web forums, before that usenet. whatever the governments cant control, they deem it the problem to eradicate it @nic

@nic It's fucked, but Gab was a beast that had a head you could cut off -- Torba.

I'm becoming more of a fan of federated/distributed networks like Mastodon for the Twitter, PeerTube for your YouTube needs, etc. I think that's the way forward for a truly impervious social media.

Bitcoin does it with money, which is the most important part, but a distributed media is also something we could, and maybe should, strive for.

@amp I wonder if the powers that be will take the deplatforming to their logical conclusions by warring against p2p tech too. maybe all they need to do is force people to the fringes to the shitty UX of p2p tech and no one uses it, and we all lose anyway.

>shitty UX of p2p tech

You're not wrong. After having slept on it I realize that seems to be a big problem as well. Most of the shitty UX seems to stem from being outright clone technologies.

Again, I like Mastodon, but what does it have as a selling point? It's Twitter in all but name _except_ for this little point that normies won't give a shit about. Nothing to really stand out.

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