I'm a very marginal bitcoiner, but I'm subject to a ridiculous barrage of (thankfully only virtual so far) attacks. I can't imagine what it's like for high profile bitcoiners.

More motivation to soldier on.

I fully expect to be physically attacked at some point, either due to a rabid nocoiner (the wealth transfer will be very uncomfortable... for them) or just a low tier criminal.

that's why I work out, run, and am actively looking into personal protection.

running is highly underrated, and will go a LONG WAY when filling out a police report involving a shooting. If you can demonstrate that you did everything in your power to evade the attack, and that you were indeed attacked- in fear of your life, a shooting goes down much better with them.

@AnonByNature @nic
We have full blown "stand your ground", castle doctrine in my state, but you want to try and avoid shooting unless it's absolutely necessary. Your life will change as the result of a shooting - so obviously it is a last resort kind of thing.

@mydogisahusky @AnonByNature I live in massachusets so I'm basically screwed from that perspective


@mydogisahusky @AnonByNature why did I leave the blessed south of the USA 😭😭😭

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