A while back I made a popular meme.

So then I went and made the meme real.

I will create a LN store on my fund's website and sell these for ~$3 apiece. they cost me exactly $1.82 per die so I will need to cover mailing costs too. I have exactly 500.

In a BitcoinHackers special, I'm also gonna make the news public on HERE first, not twitter. I want my bitcoiners to get them first. There are only 500.

what's the best / easiest merchant integration with LN right now?

@nic where can I order, and do you ship international?

@DMN737 give me a couple days to set it up. best way to configure a LN store? advice?

@nic I'm sorry, I'm absolutely the wrong person to give advice on this. But I will gladly order when the webshop is up and running.

@Sapakus GREAT idea. works out to $3.50. gonna do that.

@nic one more to check out is Globee. They have both shopify and woocommerce plugins.

@nic lol... I’m still getting used to mastodon 😂

@nic this is great. I'll be placing an order once the site is up :D

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